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3 Practical Tips for Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt - How the Fit Defines Your Look

Every man probably has a wide collection of t-shirts in his wardrobe. Tees are like an all-time favorite which work for any occasion whether it is lounging at home or hanging out with your best buddies.

It might surprise you to know that according to Answers, the average American guy has at least 35 tees in his wardrobe. Whether it is the semi-formal look paired with a jacket, or a pajama top, the t-shirt is just what you need.

The versatile apparel is perfect for jogging, working out, going on a date, or even, shopping at the supermarket. Every guy also has a bunch a worn-out, shapeless tees that he sleeps in and just won’t give up, not to mention the collection of sports memorabilia complete with logos of his favorite teams.

3 Practical Tips for Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt - How the Fit Defines Your Look

When buying t-shirts, you probably don’t think much about styles other than choosing prints or necklines that you usually pick up. But, like the experts at RushOrderTees advise, there’s a lot more to a simple tee.

The right fit can make you look stylish and trendy. And, the wrong fit can make you look stocky or even, untidy. Here's a quick look at the factors to keep in mind when picking out the perfect t-shirt.

  • Sizes Are Not Just Small, Medium, and Large

Every brand and manufacturer provide you apparel in three basic sizes such as small, medium, and large. You might even find the styles you like in extra larger sizes also. But, the fact remains that men’s garments should conform to five basic body structures.


Men with a rectangular body structure have shoulders and waist that are about the same width. If this is you, chances that you’re tall with a lanky frame. The perfect t-shirt for you would have to skim your body gently without being too tight that makes you look thinner. At the same time, the tee should not be so loose that it hangs on you.


Such men have a frame with shoulders that are somewhat wider than the waist which is the usual fit for all men’s apparel. You'll pick out tees that have a slightly tapering fit. If you’re tall, you could go for a round neck or even, a polo neck that draws attention to the shoulders.

But, if you’re short, your choice of a perfect t-shirt would have a Vee-neck that draws the eye lower and gives the impression of height. However, V-necks should sit at the base of the throat and not expose too much of the chest area. 

3 Practical Tips for Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt - How the Fit Defines Your Look


Typically, men who regularly work out have the triangular structure where the shoulders are much wider than the waist. If this sounds like your fit, you’ll need tees that are match your inverted triangle shape. V-necks are also ideal since they’ll break up the width of the shoulders and provide a more balanced look.

Regular Triangle

Many men have a waist width than is higher than the shoulders. Accordingly, your idea of a perfect t-shirt size would be a somewhat loose fit that is not tight around the belly but falls in an even flow to the hips. That's how you take away attention from the waist.

You could also go for the Polo neck with a small logo that directs the eye to the detail and away from the middle. Check out this article on Complex which recommends that you pair the tees with low-rise pants or jeans and a jacket for a more streamlined silhouette. And, tight tees are a definite no-no.

  • Check the Fit of the T-Shirt

If you have a well worked-out body, go for a t-shirt that is designed for your body structure. Don't make the mistake of buying a smaller size tee. That’s because, a smaller tee will also be shorter in length.

Not only will the garment likely reach only the waist but it will also ride up when you bend over or sit down. For this reason, you’ll need to find the perfect t-shirt that shows off the biceps and abs you’ve worked so hard for. But, at the same time, the shirt should not be so tight that is uncomfortable to move around in.

3 Practical Tips for Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt - How the Fit Defines Your Look

Men with large waistlines often make the mistake of buying baggy t-shirts that make conceal the paunch. That's not a great idea either because the baggy structure of the garment will make you look stockier and shorter.

You'll need a tee that fits well at the shoulders, chest, and arms, but also falls in a straight line over the belly. Essentially, you’ll choose a more or less rectangular-shaped tee that flows over the belly, but does not define it. In fact, like the folks at GQ magazine advise, when going for baggy tees, you may want to check the label for terms like, “relaxed” or “oversized.”

These shirts will fit you well at the shoulders and arms, but have a looser fit at the waist. Interestingly, baggy shirts look great on slim men when combined with fitted trousers.

  • Quality Matters

Perhaps the most important feature of the perfect t-shirt is the quality. Apparel is available in a range of fabrics, prices, and brands, but you can’t go wrong with high-grade clothing.

Keep in mind that you can buy tees for a few dollars or a couple of hundred dollars. But it is always advisable to invest a little more in your clothing. Not only will the tee last you a good long while, but it will also maintain its shape, color, fit, and integrity. High-quality options will also have attention to detail and stress on precise tailoring that makes a world of difference in the overall look and appeal of your attire.

Now that you have the basics of buying the perfect t-shirt in place, go ahead and play around with all the colors you like.

Experiment with the all-white or choose pastels that are in this season. Go for the solid black that is always in style or classic blue that looks great with denims. As long as you have the ideal fit, there’s no reason you won’t rock the universal t-shirt.