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3 Ideas to Style Tank Tops for Men

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If you pay any attention to men's fashion, then you know tank tops traditionally have a bad rap. However, tank tops for guys are incredibly versatile and when worn correctly, stylish. Most of the misconceptions about the garment arise from the fact not many people can pull it off. With the right ideas, you can add a tank top to your outfit and look your best. So, if you are thinking of adding tank tops to your wardrobe, learning a few ways to wear them will have you raising eyebrows at how good you make the garment look.

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Plain or With Jewelry

Getting away with a tank top by itself is difficult. It requires you to have the right body. Since the garment is sleeveless, it helps if you are in decent shape to get the best out of it. However, you shouldn't be discouraged if you are not. You want to avoid looking too plain in your tank top, especially if you are going to be outdoors. Jewelry can help with that. A nice chain, necklace, or bracelet takes some of the attention away from the top.

If you are not layering the top, then make sure it's classy enough to go out in. Tank tops for guys are not only suitable for lazing around the house or going to the beach. A brightly colored piece worn with a pair of linen trousers or shorts is a great summer ensemble. If you plan to pair a tank top with a statement jewellery piece, then ensure the clothing fits right. It should hang just above your belt buckle and not hug the torso too tightly. Also, avoid wearing a top that shows off more skin than necessary.

Under a Shirt or Jacket

The most common way to wear tank tops for men is to layer them under shirts. Both long- and short-sleeved shirts go well with the garment. The look you are going for determines the type of shirty and tank top to choose. For example, if it's casual Friday at the office, then a dress shirt with a plain tank top underneath paired with pants will give you that relaxed yet serious look. Are you going for a coffee date? Then a Hawaiian shirt over your tank top would work. The appeal of the under-a-shirt ensemble is that you can experiment with different styles. You can wear a tank top with an oversized shirt and shorts for a day around town with friends. Denim and flannel shirts are perfect for the casual, edgy ensemble. The trick to this outfit is matching the pieces. Wear shoes that match the top underneath or the shirt. You want your pieces to appear as put together as possible. If you are aiming for a dressed-up appearance, then throwing a jacket over a tank top gives you that.

The Athleisure Style

Do you like sporty looks? Then you should have a few tank tops. You can wear a tank top underneath a tracksuit or with sweatpants for a fashionable athleisure fit. A cap and sneakers will complete the ensemble. Tank tops, as part of your sporty style, are suitable for just about any weather. When it's chilly, you can wear it with a tracksuit jacket, and without it when it's hot. Cotton shorts also pair well with tank tops for that elegant, athletic look.

Men's tank tops are some of the simplest garments. However, they can create eye-catching outfits with the right styling. Tank tops might seem to have a niche appeal due to their popularity among athletes. If you can pick the best piece and wear it right, you won't have to worry about such stereotypes. When shopping for tank tops for men, ensure you know how to select the right fit, material and color for your intended look.