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3 Cool Grids From Our Instagram

If you haven't noticed we curate some of the coolest outfit grids on our Instagram here.

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Today we're sharing 3 amazing grids we posted last week. 

Notice all our outfits are centred around our core philosophy of building a timeless capsule wardrobe. 

If you have not yet downloaded our CAPSULE WARDROBE GUIDE,then you should do it right away. Click here to learn more about capsule wardrobe. 

OUTFIT 1 - Perfect outfit to go shopping or a dinner date or just eating out with friends. You can also white sneakers or loafers with this outfit

OUTFIT 2 - You can wear tall-timetime classic outfit combo almost everywhere. You can also switch the black sneakers with white

OUTFIT 3 - Perfect for weekends or beer sessions on Sunday afternoon with your buddies.