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2021 Sneaker Releases, Don't Miss Out On The Latest Shoes 

The hyper revolving around sneakers doesn’t know pause. While people were on vacation during the holiday, the long accumulation of the biggest sneakers droppings steadily rose. Now that the last year’s reflection is now over, it’s time to look forward to 2021’s most expected sneaker droppings and get your hands on the latest shoes that would set the trend in footwear in the next ten years. Bear in mind that this prediction of things to happen is based on sneakers and dropping dates that any brand does not yet authenticate. Therefore, things might change.

  • The Air Jordan 6

This is one of the most iconic sneakers in the Air Jordan shoe family. Michael Jordan legendarily used it during his ever first championship run. This cemented the lurker in the archives of sneaker folklore. The sneaker will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021. Considering how Jordan Company always goes huge for their anniversaries, it's safer to expect something unique from the fan best sneaker.

  • Adidas Adizero Adios Pro

While Nike might have ruled 2020 when talking about carbon plate running sneakers, Adidas has not been left-behinds. In 2021, Adidas has the potential to lap the sporting juggernaut. This is because they have created unique and excellent shoes. Their carbon-plated running sneakers come in the form of Adidas Adizero adios pro. They feature a springy plate and innovative carbon rods running through the forefoot. The sneakers pride all the best springs with the much required additional stability. They are easily available even after a couple of sellouts. Athletes who want to add some literal spring to their steps should check out this one.

  • Kyrie 7

While the Kyrie 7 made it to the list of the best sneakers in 2020, it doesn’t hurt to add them to our list in 2021. They come with impressive features that you will love. Kyrie’s line’s most exciting things have been in the colorways and wild collaboration each sneaker comes with over the longer tenure. With this Kyrie 7 hitting the market at the start of 2020, it is just getting started. Most properly, they will be a bevy of exciting new collaborations and colorways along the way.

  • Jordan Why Not? Zer0.4

Russell Westbrook ended the year on a very high note, releasing the 4th installment of his signature line with the Jordan brand a few weeks before 2021. The Zer0.4 understands that it's not broken. You won't try to amend it. The 0.3 was rated as the best of the superstar’s sneakers. Therefore, the Zer0.4 will do a little to transform the general style and shape of the sneaker. What it does differently is trim down the material to make it a lightweight and sleeker sneaker.

  • LeBron 18

We couldn’t forget about this famous sneaker. LeBron happens to be the center of both the sneaker world and basketball world. The LeBron 18 is one of the heaviest of his silhouettes in the latest memory, but it crushes on the court even when a smaller player wears it. The biggest draw is the silhouette that lends itself to numerous wild and weird colorways. It is the most exciting Bron’s sneakers around.

  • Kobe 6 Protro

Nike’s final biggest release of 2020 was the Retro revival of the famous Kobe 6 grinch colorway, welcoming the shoe’s relaunch of what appears to be a hit in 2021. The Kobe Protro series takes classic Kobe silhouettes and upgrades them with an advanced sneaker tech, making a performance retro that the late NBS superstar pioneered. Even though the Grinch is the most sought-after of the shoe in the original Kobe 6 series, there will be more heat in the whole of 2021.

  • Supreme Air Jordan 1

After being in the market for many decades, the Supreme brand is still one of the biggest brands in the sneaker world. Some speculations are suggesting that Supreme Air Jordan 1 will be released in 2021. This is an excellent play on yet another classic supreme/Nike sneaker, sure to make a lot of noise in the coming months. This is a guaranteed instant sell-out. Therefore, you put a phone reminder when the drop date is announced. This is one of those new kicks you don’t want to miss.

  • Forum ’84 Hi

The Adidas management is getting ready to reintroduce one of the most treasured old-school basketball kicks in 2021 with the Forum ’84 Hi. You might not want to go to the pitch with these sneakers, but they are the best high tops of all times. Besides the release of the first colorways, the company has released a smash in this indigo series.

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