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2 New Bracelets In The Shop

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Good news...!!

We first launched the Gold Anchor Bracelet a few months ago, and it sold like s wild fire. We go so many orders that we ran out of stock. 

Now the good news is that we've re-stocked the most loved Gold Anchor Bracelet.  

Last time many of you weren't able to grab the FREE offer because it got sold out so fast. (Within 3 days to be precise).  

Here's your chance to get this amazing Anchor Bracelet for FREE. You just have to pay the shipping & handling.   

Claim Your FREE Gold Anchor Bracelet Here   

New Bracelet

And, we also managed to get a FREE deal from our partner factory for one more cool Rope Anchor Bracelet.   

It's as good as the first one. You are going it love it too.   

The new bracelet has bold colours, and it will liven up your accessory wardrobe like anything.

Claim Your NEW Rope Anchor Bracelet Here   

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