17 Best Menswear Trends & Tips to Follow In 2019 #menswear #mensfashion #trends #fashiontips
March 03, 2019

17 Best Menswear Trends & Tips to Follow In 2019

Now is an exciting time to be in menswear. The current men’s shows are proving that the male shopper is becoming more judicious and manoeuvring.

Trendiness is basically anathema to what is considered to be great men’s style as today’s men are still being told to wear time-honoured “classics” and worship at the altar of Steve McQueen or Cary Grant.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have great style and get out of your comfort zone by embracing some new excellent menswear trends.

Today, we bring you 17 best menswear trends to try in 2019. Continue reading and be inspired to mix things up a little.

Tie Dye

While some men love it, some don’t. But regardless of what you prefer, there’s no avoiding it. Thanks to fashion icons like Jonah Hill, tie-dye was one of the best trends in 2018, and it’s still rocking the game.

Want to rack up tons of likes on your Instagram photos? Consider giving it a try. Go with a casual hoodie or sweatshirt for maximum colour factor.

Faux Fur

Real fur is unethical, ostentatious, and often excessively costly. These days, however, the fake stuff looks and feels just as good as the original. It’s almost everywhere now: parkas, bombers, even biker jackets. Give this one a try!

Slouchy Tailoring

For many years, the values of tailoring have signified slimmer, trimmer, and fitter; this has had guys walking around like James Bond wannabes. However, things have changed now.

In recent years, designers from Zegna to Armani have featured looks with soft shoulders and wide legs, meaning, soon we’ll all be swimming in slouchy wool like the way it was back in 1995. Therefore, get ahead of the game, and next time you buy a new suit, avoid the slim fit.

Chunky Sweaters

Last year, no matter where you looked, there it was: The Chunky Sweater. From the shawl-collar cardigan to the cable-knit pullover, thick and masculine knitwear was in all places. This obviously doesn’t mean you’ll throw out any bicep-hugging merino that you own. However, come wintertime, consider putting some extra meat on your bones. Not literally, but in the form of a whole lot of wool.


The 80s’ most egregious transgression was killing off the trend of pinstripes. Luckily, the pattern survived and has returned with more elegance than anyone could ever have imagined. Want to go with the flow? Look for a muted “chalk stripe” that looks kind of like a sub-faded tattoo. While we don’t recommend this for your skin, it does look gorgeous on your clothes.


From blazers and topcoats to pants, shoes and pretty much everything in between, plaid made a big resurgence last year. The plaids today, however, aren’t like soft-spoken Glen of the past; they’re loud and proud. For instance, the burnt plaid cargo joggers are now built more to stand out from the crowd than to blend into it.

Wearable Tech

We’re all fans of the Series 3 features. But, to be honest, it will always look a little dorky, regardless of the efforts of Apple’s design gurus. This is where hybrid smartwatches come to your rescue.

They have all the same features, such as music control, health tracking, calendar alerts, and one zillion notifications; but have the looks of a goddess. Want to hop on to wearables trend without having to sacrifice style? Go with this one.


You won’t find a single men’s style influencer that doesn’t have a few Instagram posts featuring shearling coats. While most are traditional (in tan or camel), the trendiest accounts step outside of convention to rock bright colors or pitch-black suede.

Casual Athleisure

You must have heard a lot about “athleisure” and the death of the “formality trend” and all that stuff. To be fair, this isn’t going away anytime soon, given the unstoppable march of Lululemon domination.

However, rather than going head-to-toe in off-duty gear, the stylish move now is to tone it down a bit; some cool pair of sneakers will do just fine. Think of it as a casual approach to a casual outfit.

Fun Socks

The most naturally attractive men on the planet give it all head to toe, literally. Spice up your sock drawer with contrasting stripes, polka dots, clashing colors, and things alike. Next time when you go shopping, throw a pair of hunky footwear into your bag or let a professional stylist pick for you.


Olive looks great on everyone and with everything from pea coats and trench coats, to pretty much every other uniform-inspired clothing. It’s a blessing that the fashion world is lifting from its preferred collective muse: The military.


Gone are the days of the grey-black-navy-tan mould. As evidence shows in the A-list collection of the past 18 months, there’s a colour that looks perfect on every man: Burgundy. It’s bold yet reserved, and commanding yet not bossy.

Tote Bags

Duffels and backpacks are efficient but bulky. Messengers and briefs are stylish but somewhat snooty. The most stylish men now are simply throwing their stuff in a tote and hitting the road.

Hiking Boots

There was a time when hiking boots would fall squarely into the “gear” category. Man would wear them with jeans and suits and everything in between.

However, they’ve come off the trail and into the street now with unmatched flamboyance: bright colors, enormous soles, and mix-and-match materials).

So if you’re new to this trend, choose a pair that takes inspiration from a dress shoe, with luxurious leather and a polished, dignified silhouette.

Short-Sleeve Collared Shirts

The short-sleeve shirts are back in the game again. But, there are some rules to be followed. You should get one cut slim, with bicep-hugging sleeves, and ensure the collar isn’t too wide so you don’t appear as a bowling alley season-pass holder. And if you really want to go with the trend, pick a fun pattern. However, do not, under any circumstances, wear one with a tie.

Long Outwear

The three-quarter-length jacket(s) was easily one of the best fashion trends of 2018. Winter has now become a sea of jaw-dropping style with options like camel car coats, plaid topcoats, and navy double-breasted trenches. You should definitely get on this trend. Also, regardless of how you’re built, a knee-length jacket would make you appear taller and trimmer. Who doesn’t love that?


From Supreme hoodies and sweatshirts to Gucci-emblazoned everything, logomania was dominating the year 2018. No matter how you feel about this trend, it doesn’t seem like a one-hit wonder.

However, be careful before attempting to go with this trend. If you go too far, you’re likely to come off as tacky, or even worse, as if you’re trying too hard. We recommend you stick with stylish, medium-sized logos and neutral colours.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! This was our top 17 menswear trends and tips for this year. As you can see, not all fashion trends are created equal. The best way to retain your sartorial self-respect is to differentiate between the fleeting fads and the future classics.

If you’ve already reached this point, you can tell that the idea was to give you a nudge in the right direction by carefully putting up a list of men’s fashion trends that are worth incorporating into your wardrobe in 2019.

Which one of these trends did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us regarding the men’s fashion tips explained above in the comments below.


17 Best Menswear Trends & Tips to Follow In 2019 #menswear #mensfashion #trends #fashiontips

17 Best Menswear Trends & Tips to Follow In 2019 #menswear #mensfashion #trends #fashiontips