15 Clothing Options Men Should Have By The Age Of Thirty
September 23, 2019

15 Clothing Options Men Should Have By The Age Of Thirty

Clothing bespeaks the mind and the individual in glorious harmony with one another one of my dearest friends. What we wear in public speaks volumes about us as individuals, far more than just what we say. As such, it is essential to consider what we should have hanging in our closets by the time we are thirty.

Perhaps I am hyperbolic in my statements there, but clothing truly does make the man in this world. As such, we have fifteen items that you should consider having by or before you hit the age of thirty:

15 Clothing Options Men Should Have By The Age Of Thirty 

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1. Owning A Nice Even Set Of Work-Related Jeans

One of the items that most men are intermittently familiar with is jean-pants, regardless of the kind. Many individuals wear jean-pants throughout their lives, so owning a few pairs by thirty is not unusual.  As such, owning a few pair is one of the things to consider, especially from denim jeans.

2. How About Some Khakis If That Better Suits Your Fashion?

Of course, jean pants aren’t the only kind of pants out there, much less denim. So, if you would rather have something else or an additional item, it would help if you considered throwing that into your closet.

3. Another Item To Own Are Some Hard-Working Boots

As men, it is to be expected that we have a set or two of hard-hitting boots. Those boots being for both work-related subjects, and just casual travel. So, by the age of thirty, perhaps see about getting some if you do not have any now.

4. Of Course, A Man At Thirty Needs An Overcoat For All That

Now, of course, another item a man needs is a snazzy-looking overcoat. Maybe it is cliched, but a man cannot and will not go wrong with a coat. So, perhaps see about getting a few for that growing closet of yours.

15 Clothing Options Men Should Have By The Age Of Thirty 

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5. Another Item To Have Is A Capable Weekend Bag

Look, I get it, sometimes we all just need to get away from the stress that is life. As such, having a bag or two dedicated to only for weekends might not be a bad idea. Even if it is not to get away, a weekend bag in that closet can still be handy.

For example, you can take one of those bags and head to the gym. Alternatively, you can use them to pack the general items needed. Whatever it is you might need a weekend bag for, you should have one by thirty.

6. Of Course, You Need A Snazzy-Looking Watch

Now, please do not get me started on how ludicrous some watches can get in terms of pricing. However, a good, well-made wrist-watch can make all the difference for a man in his early thirties. So, perhaps see about adding a watch or two to your closet to jazz-up your work suits.

7. Why Not Throw In A Pocket Square?

Practically is a mandatory addition if you are wearing a business suit or anything of the sort. Maybe because pocket squares look amazing in business suits. As such, a man in his thirties should have a few to select from.

8. For Our Last Accented Item, You Obviously Should Have A Belt

This is another standard item that most boys, teenagers, and men will have in their lives. However, I would be remiss not to list it. They also look lovely in jeans and pants.

9. Speaking Of A Work Suit

One of the essential items to consider having by age thirty is several work suits. The right outfit speaks volumes about the character of a man. As such, getting one that tells who you are is just as important as what you say.

15 Clothing Options Men Should Have By The Age Of Thirty 

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10.A Dashing Blazer Could Work If That Is What You Like

Now, of course, not every man likes to wear business suits, especially if they do not have too. Some men prefer more casual and breathable outerwear instead, and that is perfectly understandable. As such, one idea to add to your wardrobe regardless is a few different colored blazers.

Blazers speak of both comfort and utility. They are also always in style regardless of the year or event.

11.What About A Leather Jacket?

Now you are talking; leather jackets are not just for cliché biker films and stories, my friends. Nothing speaks style and simplicity like a black or brown leather jacket to wear during the colder periods. So, if you are thirty, perhaps see about getting a jacket, just be careful of the cost.

12. You Probably Cannot Go Wrong With A White Shirt Or Two

Another item that I believe is just expected of men in 2019 is a plain white shirt. White and black are two primary colors (yes, black is not a color technically, but semantics). As such, they are bold and vivid, and they look great on everyone, especially men in their thirties.

13.I Also Say Men In Their Thirties Should Have A Polo Shirt.

Most companies And Businesses often require this already, so you might already have some in your closet. This is another item I would recommend men in their thirties should have. They also just look stylus on men.

14. Men By Thirty Should Also Have A Wide Tie Selection

Nothing says respect and power like an excellent-matching tie. Ties look amazing on men, especially when wearing a business suit.  So, if you do not have a small variety hanging in your closet, perhaps change that. 

15. For Our Last Item, Why Not An Enamel Pin Or Two?

Enamel pin customs are something that looks nice on everyone, but especially older men. They can have a lasting meaning as they can be custom-fit to have whatever symbol you want. As such, I feel this is an excellent option to leave this list on.


There are many more options I could have gone into when it comes to a list like this. Heck, there are plenty of outfits and styles I could have also thrown in. However, I feel like that is better suited to the individual and their tastes in the matter.

I just wanted to list out items that I believe men at thirty should have in their closet. However, if there are any items we missed, please let us know in the comments below. Please comment, leave your thoughts and opinions down below, we would love to hear from you.

15 Clothing Options Men Should Have By The Age Of Thirty