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fashion ebooks

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe From The Ground Up - Infographic

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So you’re ready to revamp your ugly, dirty wardrobe?

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but not sure what to buy and what to skip?

It’s just too confusing, isn’t it?

You see all those fancy bloggers offering advice on latest fashion trends, season’s best pieces and what not.

However, sometimes it’s super confusing to choose the right clothes that last longer and look good.

So, if you’re someone who believes in a timeless style, you’ve come to the right place.

A couple of months back I wrote a detailed post describing capsule wardrobe.

So, I’d suggest you to go through the entire post first to really get your head around the term ‘Capsule Wardrobe’

After you do that, go through the below Infographic.

The Infographic below will give you a fair idea of the clothes you should buy in order to have a real classy and timeless wardrobe. (a.k.a. Capsule Wardrobe)

Yes, it may look like a never ending list of stuff, however you don’t have to buy all of it at once.

You can buy these clothes at various times based on your budget and convenience. However, from now onwards you should always come back and refer to this Infographic before you go out for shopping. (Just to make things simpler for you, we’ve created an eBook on capsule wardrobe. So, you can always keep it with you in your phone and use it when you need to. You can download the eBook here )

By following these simple suggestions, your wardrobe is for sure going be the coolest, classy and truly timeless.

Here you go…

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe From The Ground Up - Infographic

Written by Samay Mehta -

Samay Mehta is the chief content curator and co-founder of PS. You can find him on and Twitter.

fashion ebooks

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