style mistakes men should avoid
March 10, 2022

10 Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid At Any Cost

Don't make stupid style mistakes guys. They'll ruin your personality. 

Are you making these style mistakes? Scroll below to check out 10 style mistakes men should avoid at any cost. 

Fashion peccadilloes never go unnoticed; that is the only true dictum of fashion. Mismatched socks, a shirt not tucked in properly, even the size of the buttons on your shirt draw attention.

And from here stems the troubling question: how to wear the trendiest look minus a fashion faux pas, without emptying your wallet? The trick is not difficult to master if you know which style mistakes to avoid, for example:

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10 Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid

1. Overusing Hair-gel

Great hair is the first commandment of fashion and sometimes a trendy hairstyle (spikes or Mohawk) is best maintained with hair gel. But knowing the right amount is the key. Nothing ruins a look like too much hair-gel, particularly because it looks like the hair has been oiled rather than styled.

2. Wearing The Wrong Sunglasses

It is important to understand what shape of shades suit you best because specific shapes complement specific face types.  For instance, aviators look great on round faces but can make a square face look disproportionate. Always take a friend along when you shop for glasses or shades. A salesman will probably say the costliest shades suit you best.

3. Not knowing how to Mix-And-Match

There was a time when this trend was confined to women’s clothing, until ace brand Hugo Boss introduced it to men. It became an immediate favourite because this trend cuts expenses and reduces wardrobe clutter.

So buy interchangeable clothes that can be differently assembled to create a new look. It’s not that difficult if one has a few “wardrobe essentials”, which are basically classic pieces of clothing that complement everything (like a navy blue jacket, a crisp white shirt or a silver-grey tie).

4. A Cheap Pen

A good pen is the lesser known fashion statement.

An interviewer will inevitably judge you by the pen you carry. You might not notice it, but cheap pens will not only depreciate your look but also your personality. Buy a classy, metallic pen and tuck it in your pocket. Avoid the bright and trashy ones. This is one investment you won’t regret.

5. Not Having “Saviour” Outfits

In fashion terminology, a “saviour” outfit is the dapper apparel (from blazer to shoes) that must be kept ready at all times. This outfit quite literally saves a person in case there’s a last-minute invitation or an unscheduled date. Without this, one might have serious trouble in fashion emergencies.

6. Messy Knots and Folds

Pocket squares spell class. The only thing is, folding one is a difficult art and most men mess it up without even realising it. The same holds true for ties.

As a statutory suggestion, before wearing one - learn the classic folds of pocket squares (like the “bird of paradise” fold or “armadillo” fold) and knots of ties (“Trinity” or “Windsor” knot). And always co-ordinate them if you’re wearing both.

7. Strong Fragrance

It is not just cologne which can be dangerous when overused. In actuality, everything from body wash to aftershave can carry strong odours. Greeting, particularly hugging a person with an overpowering smell can be a nightmare.

To avoid being that nightmare, try and use the aftershave hours before the event. Try using body washes with a very subtle fragrance. Remember, any perfume sprayed more than twice is too much.

8. Laundering Different Fabrics Together

There’re no shortcuts to laundering because different fabrics can’t be washed together. Wools can’t handle grease-resistant detergents. Lemon juice takes the stain off darker colours but permanently stains whites. Denim and linen can’t be put together in the washing machine.

The best pieces of clothing have been irrevocably ruined by wrong laundering. It is best to steer clear of shortcuts here.

9. Wearing Stereotypical Outfits

Classics like a white shirt and jeans are safe choices. But safe is boring.

Add one element that says something about you. It can be a watch with a square dial rather than round ones. Tying your shoelaces differently puts a great twist to classic attires. The usual zig-zag pattern is passé. A little experimentation is always welcome.

10. Storing Multiple Shoes in a Small Space

Feet sweat more than any other part of your body, and shoes retain that moisture. The worst part: moisture is the nemesis of shoes. To protect shoes give them space and pick the driest place to store them. Put paper balls that absorb moisture in sneakers and boat shoes. Paper balls also help retain their original shape.  

In epilogue, shoes leave indelible impact on the onlooker. Footprints are not only left on soil, but also in memory. It’s best to avoid cheap shoes then, because if you are leaving a footprint it’s better to leave a remarkable one.

10 style mistakes men should avoid