Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere
March 22, 2019

Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere

Instagram views, likes, follows, regrams, comments; you just name any of them and they are all there for sale on the online not-underground social black market.

Being a primary advertising and marketing platform, Instagram has got more brands which have got tempted for buying the likes for competing with their rivals that have large follower base.

However, inflating the engagement rate artificially isn’t just a waste of money and time, but can harm your brand also.

How? Playing a game with a system can decrease the engagement rate actually and destruct your reputation, making your social presence suspicious and leaving a bad impression of your brand on your customers and followers.

If you are planning to purchase Instagram likes for fooling your audience as your marketing strategy, now is the time to reconsider this approach.

Surely, these tactics can raise the figures that are present in your posts, but they don't help to grow your business. Buying likes for Instagram take you nowhere, here's why.

  1.      Fake Likes Aren’t Equal to Real Business:

Regardless of the number of likes that appear on your posts, paid engagement don’t result in the real business. At best, they can do a bit more than creating a popular image of your brand than it has actually.

Dissimilar to real likes, fake likes coming from fake followers (lines or bots of programming code) can’t buy the products that you are selling or can never be advocates of your brand.

Following the footsteps of other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has also banned paid likes and started to use the tools of artificial intelligence to police the phony interactions to restore the trust among advertisers and users. If you're looking to improve your engagement on Instagram and get targeted likes try Fameoninsta.com

2.      No Rise in Sales

An ultimate objective of making the Instagram page of your brand can be to increase the consumer audience, exhibit your new products and raise sales and Buy Facebook post likes.

Purchasing likes for Instagram haven't earned anyone a thing other than a destructed reputation. To be true to the brand identity must always come on top priority.

Active, real Instagram followers don’t care must about follower count and likes as they like your content basically. Being a brand owner, it is vital for you to keep in mind that your ultimate goals must be to take care of your customers.

For making your posts more visible to your audience, post more often and always make interactions with the followers through comment’s section.

  1.   You will get reported by Instagram

After an infamous purge on Instagram happened in 2014, a team was made which was dedicated strictly for wiping the platform from any of the bot accounts and those who are affiliated.

As the platform can’t detect each of the single fraudulent which occurs, it certainly can’t risk the entire account of the brand over some hundreds of likes.

Thus, Instagram launched the boundaries for authentic, clean engagement and content. This is a privilege for being able to use such an amazing platform – free of cost – for promoting the brand. By taking care of its guidelines, your brand can enjoy more advantageous outcomes and sales.

Having said that, if Instagram finds out that you did buy likes, these fake likes will get removed from the posts. Also, if you repeat this thing, you can have your profile banned outright or shadow banned, which will lead to the closure of your username permanently, showing that you won’t get able of recreating your account.

In a more serious case, Instagram can also ban your IP from accessing Instagram website and app.

  1.   It Can Destroy Your Look:

If your genuine followers find out that your likes are bogus, they will run away and you will lose potential customers, who don't like to do business with your brand.

Think of it: if you haven’t trusted your brand to attract real followers, why should anyone else?

Instagram calculates followers to likes ratio, so if you have 10k likes and 5k followers, this will make your look suspicious on Instagram and your account will most likely lose respect over purchasing some likes.

Most of the followers rely on Instagram bots for commenting on the posts that you upload and apparently give engagement a genuine look.

This seems like a great thing for you; however, these comments are quite far from the humans and exhibit the content added in the post rarely.  “I admire your pictures” and “Good job!” are the most common phrases to be looked out for.

They may seem legitimate at very first glance, however as they continue to appear on the irrelevant posts, your customers and followers Buy Automatic Instagram Likes may take notice that there is a bot behind this indeed.

Why Buying ‘Likes’ On Instagram Will Get You Nowhere