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What Is Customer CSV In Shopify, And How To Use It?

CSV (Comma-separated values) is a standard spreadsheet format for storing tabular data. CSV files are often used to import and export data from different applications.

While CSV can be used in many different ways, it's crucial for those who run an e-commerce store using Shopify Plus because it's the only way to upload large amounts of inventory into your shop quickly.

But how can you import a customer CSV Shopify, what are the ways to do it, and why is importing customers necessary? Continue reading the article to find out.

What purpose does CSV serve in Shopify?

As mentioned earlier, a CSV file has comma-separated values that store customer data in a spreadsheet. Commas separate values in each row of the CSV. The purpose of the CSV files is to allow users to import their existing customer data into Shopify and start selling immediately.

Fields & format

The most common use of CSV files is to transfer data between computers. For instance, you'll need a CSV file to import customer orders into your Shopify store, which involves three main steps.

The three main steps for importing your customer order data by using a CSV file:

  • Uploading the CSV file
  • Previewing the import settings (optional)
  • Starting the import process

Upload your CSV file

Begin the process by uploading your CSV file. Once you have done that, choose the columns you want to import and which field should be used as the unique identifier (the one-to-one match). Finally, click "start import" to start the customer importing process.

Import settings preview

Previewing the import results will give you an idea of what data you will import into Shopify. The preview shows how each customer's information will appear in the Customer CSV file.

You can also edit this preview to see what would happen if there was an error in your CSV file and then fix that error before using Import Settings Preview to ensure all of your customers are imported correctly.

The import status

The Import Status tab will show you the progress of your import, and it will tell you if there are any errors. If there are no errors, it will also show you how many customers have been imported. You can cancel an import anytime by clicking Cancel Import on this page.

Why is importing customers into Shopify beneficial?

Importing customers into Shopify is extremely important as it helps you gain your customer's trust without their website login credentials and passwords. This process of importing customers enables you to save time and effort, especially when migrating 1000s of accounts from another platform or service provider.

Importing customers makes migration much easier for every retailer. Completely automating the process of migrating 1000s of accounts along with their order history, notes, tags, etc., helps save a significant amount of time and takes less effort.

In summary, importing a customer CSV in Shopify is a great way to save time. It allows you to upload a CSV file with your customer data and import it into Shopify. You can also use this feature to update existing customers with new information or delete them if they no longer want their accounts. With the right tools, you'll be able to keep your list up-to-date with minimal effort!