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What Goes Into Starting Your Own Online Fashion Store?

Online Fashion Store

Online shopping is a big market, and consumers choose online stores over physical stores more than ever before. If you are looking to start your own online fashion store, the time has never been better to start a profitable venture. There are many ways to enter this space with different platforms, marketing styles and customer reach available, so let’s take a look at how you can start your online fashion store and what considerations to make.

Find a wholesaler

If you plan on selling products, then you are going to have to find a wholesaler where you can buy your store inventory. Wholesalers will typically have exclusive stock that is only accessible to stores so that when you sign up you can view a wide inventory and place an order without your customers being able to search for that item and find it through wholesale channels. There are wholesalers in every niche, including fashion, beauty products, wholesale jewellery in Australia and more.

Customer and market research

Before you launch your fashion online business, you want to have a better understanding of who your customer is. Conducting customer and market research is going to allow you to create a customer persona which makes curating your fashion inventory much easier. You can start by finding some fashion retailers that emulate the style and market you are hoping to attract and can interact with their digital channels to get an understanding of how their online store works and the price points of the product.

When you have honed in on your ideal audience, you can go to the social platforms that this demographic use and can see the fashion trends that appeal to this market. Of course, the last thing you want to do is simply copy the market - so still champion your unique voice and style but make sure it is commercially sound.

Finding the right online store platform

Your online store will need to be hosted and presented on a quality eCommerce platform. Shopify is a great choice as this CMS is designed for eCommerce and has a very easy interface so that intermediate and beginner store owners can use it. You may also choose WordPress or any other CMS platform, but it is recommended that you set this up correctly with the help of a web developer before you take on the reigns and manage the store thereafter. Given that your store will be taking money and reflecting real-time inventory - you want to set this online store up correctly from the start.

Packaging delivery expectations

When you have attracted your customers and converted them with a sale or two, you then have to send them their order. Choosing sustainable packaging is a must in today's day and age and it’s a way of showing your customer base that you are an ethical fashion operation. You also want to be sending these orders quickly after they have been placed, as we all expect prompt delivery in the wake of an all-digital world. You can send tracking numbers to your customer so they can see where the order is and anticipate its arrival, while also showing them that you have fulfilled your obligation by sending the order. 

Social media presence 

A successful online fashion store will typically have a social media presence. A great example of this can be found here https://www.youtube.com/@temu, Temu's Youtube channel. You do not have to be on every single platform, but you should aim to dedicate time to building one platform so that your customers can find you there and interact with you. This is also a great way of showcasing your fashions, and if you build enough followers you might find that this is a great way to advertise without actually spending money to reach a wider net. Follow some fashion stores that inspire your style so you can get some ideas and see what works and doesn’t work with your audience. Most importantly - be authentic and consistent.

If you want to start an online fashion store, you have so many free resources, information and ideas to get you started. The market is right for you to turn a passion for fashion into a successful business.