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Use Shopify POS Email Cart To Win Back Your Offline Customers

Shopify Email Cart provides an innovative way to turn ‘showrooming’ to your advantage. Use this feature on your Shopify POS to allow your customers to browse products inside the store and then buy from your online store if they want to.

Reduce Loss Of Sales From Showrooming With Shopify’s ‘Buy Online’ 

Technology is definitely changing the way customers shop. While brick & mortar retail sales are declining, they’re not gone altogether.

Many customers love to pick up and examine the products they want to buy. Which is not possible as yet in online stores. This is the reason why even many big eCommerce stores are opening physical stores.

However, technology has also given shoppers ways to compare prices and check for better offers online. Even while they’re browsing products inside a physical store, customers also check for online offers.

They then mostly decide to buy online for cheaper after they have examined the product in the store. This is called showrooming and it results in many lost sales for the store.

Buy Online For Shopify POS

Shopify’s ‘Buy Online’ feature and Email Cart gives you a tool to turn this practice to your advantage. Using the buy online feature for Shopify POS, you can help the customer order online while they are in your store.

They look at the products in-store and place an online order, getting all the conveniences of online shopping -  no waiting at the checkout line, home delivery, etc.

Use Shopify POS Email Cart To Win Back Your Offline Customers

Your customers can check your products at your physical store and then buy it online on your website

How Does It Work?

Customers enter your shop and look at products. Then they whip out their mobile and start checking something online. Your staff can then use the email cart facility click here to read more. 

  • One of your staff sees this customer showrooming and approaches him. She then offers to help the customer purchase the products they want online, even while they are in the store. 
  • Using the Buy Online feature of  the Shopify POS app, the salesperson can create a virtual shopping cart for the customer, adding the items they want to the cart
  • You can get the customer’s contact details. If they’re an existing customer, you can enter the customer ID and the relevant fields will be filled in automatically, including the customer's email ID
  • You then send the virtual shopping cart to the email ID
  • The email cart can also be filled with other details like discounts, tax exemptions, and the shipping rate
  • The virtual cart contains a link to your online store. The email cart will then allow the customer to check-out at your online store, ensuring a smooth shopping experience
  • This email cart is saved as a draft order in your Shopify dashboard until the customer completes his purchase. After which, it’s saved as a completed order. You can view your orders on the Shopify POS Dashboard

Use Shopify POS Email Cart To Win Back Your Offline Customers

Send an email cart to your customers so they can check out through your website 

  • In addition, the sale is credited to the salesperson who created the email cart for the customer. Thus, your staff still gets acknowledged for the sales they made, motivating them to use the email cart facility

Follow Up 

  • By using the Buy Online feature for Shopify POS, you get the customer’s contact details (if they are new) and their consent to contact them. So, you can follow up on their actions at the store
  • If they have not yet purchased through the email cart, send them a reminder mail or text notifications
  • You can email a discount code to invite them to complete the purchase
  • You can also send targeted email promotions and offers on other products once you have their contact info
  • Consequently, the Email Cart facility is like an abandoned cart feature for your POS. It enables you to close sales and also to keep engaging with the customer through other offers and discounts

Shopify provides you with many tools to help your eCommerce site succeed and grow quickly. Providing customer satisfaction is the best way to help your business grow. Give them what they want. If that includes showrooming, use that to get customers to buy from your own website using the Buy Online for Shopify POS.

That way, you don’t really lose sales and you can keep communicating with the customer to whom you send an email cart. It’s a win-win proposition for both you and the customer. It’s best to include ‘Buy Online’ for Shopify POS in your sales strategy.