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Top Instagram Tools for Boosting Your E-commerce Brand in 2019

Instagram tools for 2019

Instagram is regarded by online marketers as the best friend of an e-commerce brand.

It is predominantly a visual-oriented social media platform that offers a host of shopping features specifically for online businesses.

Needless to mention, it is one of the most rapidly growing social networking sites that have achieved phenomenal success and popularity in recent times.

As if it was enough to be identified chiefly e-commerce marketing behemoth, Instagram comes up with an amazing selection of tools for helping e-commerce brands to leverage the platform to their greatest advantage in 2019.

Let us explore the fantastic collection of Instagram tools for boosting your e-commerce brand.


For Instagram marketers, contests, competitions, and giveaways are as good as ambrosia.

They help in boosting engagement & sales, increasing your follower count, enhance email subscriber lists and the possibilities are just endless.

However, it could be pretty time-consuming and overwhelming to organize and manage such opportunities efficiently unless you are determined to use Wishpond. As per,

You may have noticed that Instagram contests are a great way to engage your existing customers and gain new followers for Instagram. But with so many user-submitted photos to analyze, Instagram contests can be difficult and time-consuming to manage. Wishpond’s Hashtag Contest App makes it much easier to create and manage engaging Instagram contests.”

Instagram is a standout amongst the most tastefully satisfying stages on the web. Its reality spins around symbolism.

Incredible visual structure has made it an extraordinary spot for picture takers, models, and craftsmen to share their inventiveness. This additionally makes it an incredible spot to share your business, transfer item photographs, interface with connected devotees, and lift your ROI.

This popular app makes it really simple to create, launch, as well as, manage efficiently hashtag photo contests.

You just require creating a branded hashtag for the purpose of the competition, you would find the Wishpond would be tracking and collating each and every post that is tagged with it. Wishpond also, allows you to assign certain set parameters and rules for your competition.

Finally, the built-in analytics interface of this wonderful app helps you in effectively tracking the performance in real-time of your competitors. You could keep on monitoring increases in follower count, or even boost in track engagement for determining exactly how successful the contests have been. This important information would be making your next contest even better.


You may use Iconosquare for getting comprehensive analytics. For e-commerce businesses hoping to achieve pinnacles of glory, it is a good idea to check out Iconosquare.

Iconosquare has received a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement because it provides a meticulous breakdown of all your important Instagram data right from boost in the number of followers to performance of post in real-time.

Just as the standard highlights, Iconosquare additionally gives clients a chance to seek by custom timespans.

This is incredible for following individual crusades, either continuously or reflectively. Further to this, the apparatus likewise gives top to bottom investigation of adherent development/decay after some time, giving you a chance to penetrate down into this information to see who pursued (or unfollowed) you.

At long last, Iconosquare gives a day by day email answer to give you an oversight of your Instagram execution. Also, with an aggressive estimating framework, Iconosquare is ideal for organizations wishing to scale up.

Not persuaded? Iconosquare was instrumental in helping activewear brand Gymshark track its Instagram crusades. It's top to bottom substance and measurements investigation helped the brand make centered advertising methodologies that developed its supporters by over half.

The objective of the stage is to enable clients to comprehend why activities have happened through patterns. It's overly helpful in case you're assembling a business through IG.

Iconosquare will furnish you with the chance to get the exhaustive investigation to track and gauge your Instagram posts, recordings and furthermore track your rivals' posting propensities, history, and hashtags that produce more adherents.

Besides the standard features, you know that Iconosquare allows users to do the search using custom time periods.

This would be superb from the perspective of tracking campaigns individually in precisely the real-time or even retrospectively.  Iconosquare is highly-popular as it provides an in-depth and accurate analysis of the increase in follower count or even declines over a period of time.

You could precisely see who have been following you and who actually unfollowed you. Moreover, Iconosquare sends an email report every day that contains an overview of your performance on Instagram. Iconosquare is just the right app for all those businesses that are intending and aspiring to scale up.


Instagram does not officially allow you to add links in your posts that imply that other users could only be doing window shopping as far as your products on Instagram are concerned.

Even if they identify a product that they want on your Instagram, it is not possible for them to purchase it directly from you.

They are even not allowed to click a link that would take them directly to your product page. Scoutsee is here to effectively solve this issue by letting users create their own shoppable posts on this visual platform.

Scoutsee is supposed to be an effective mobile tool. You simply need to go on sharing the products you actually love on Instagram and identify the products that you wish to make shoppable.

Product posts and pictures on Instagram would be driving followers directly to the Scoutsee user’s store that has curated products and has a direct link attached to each product for purchasing.

When shoppers click here on this link they would at once be transported to precisely your personal storefront. They would be clicking on the product if they are planning to buy that specific product so that they would go to your product page.


Instagram is supposed to be the cornerstone of all e-commerce social media promotion and marketing strategies. Instagram provides multiple benefits, however, it is a great idea to choose and use some of the above-discussed tools to unveil multiple opportunities in the years to come.

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Top Instagram Tools for Boosting Your E-commerce Brand in 2019