Top Four Ways To Boost Your Current Income
May 23, 2019

Top Four Ways To Boost Your Current Income

If you’re unsatisfied with your wages or struggling to make ends meet, it is time to start thinking of ways to improve your income. You may not realise, but there are actually so many opportunities out there that can help you pay off any debts and offer you more disposable income to help you do as you please.

To boost your income, you should take a look at the following ideas, which will put you in a greater financial position.

Increase your wages

If your wages are insufficient and you believe you can take on more responsibility, you should take a look at in-house opportunities and apply to any that are suitable. If there are no jobs available, you could inquire about a promotion, as there is always room for job progression in any company.

If you have been employed for a while, you should try asking your boss for a pay increase, especially if you have been in the job for a long time, as technically workers are supposed to receive a raise every six months.

Alternatively, if you work part-time time and can afford to work more hours, you should suggest this to your boss, as this will boost your income instantly. You could also ask about overtime payment, which could include working on bank holidays, as in some workplaces you can receive time and a half or even double the amount of wages. Additionally, another fantastic avenue to consider is becoming an Amazon Flex driver. This gig offers you the freedom to choose your own hours, making it an excellent option to increase your earnings while maintaining your part-time job.

Moreover, to make your experience as an Amazon Flex driver even more amazing and lucrative, you can harness the power of Amazon Flex bots. These automated tools are designed to help you secure the best delivery blocks, optimize your routes, and navigate the gig economy with ease. By using Amazon Flex bots, you can not only enjoy the flexibility of the job but also enhance your earnings, ultimately providing you with more financial freedom and a seamless delivery experience. It's a win-win solution for those looking to boost their income while enjoying a part-time job and the world of Amazon Flex driving.


Improve your job prospects

In some smaller companies, there may be no room for progression, so you should try looking elsewhere for a role that offers more responsibility and higher pay. If you are successful in your job search, you have the option to barter with your potential employer, who will most likely ask about your salary expectations.

They are usually flexible with salary, although it is normally based on experience, so you’re at an advantage if you have more than five years in a specific job role.

To further your employment prospects, you could consider going back to college or university, where you can expand on your skills.

Completing a degree or even a master’s will boost your qualifications and will also make a great impression in interviews.  If you’re lucky, your company may offer funding for courses, which will help your career progress, resulting in a significant pay rise, so it’s worth bringing up.

Enter the property market

This may not seem like the most obvious way to boost your income, however, it is actually an extremely lucrative market.

You could start small and test the waters by renting out your rooms or even your entire property. This way, you can get a feel for the costs and tasks associated with becoming a landlord.

If you want to get involved in the property market on a higher level, you should consider investing in residential property. When done right, this can offer you massive profits in the form of rental income, which can be received instantly, as well as in the long-term from capital appreciation.

To make sure your investment is successful, you should work with property experts like RW Invest, who have over fifteen years’ experience in the real-estate sector. They can offer you all the advice you need, including where the most lucrative locations are to invest. 

Start a side hustle

The majority of side hustles involve using your current skills, which you may have learnt from your current job. This could include anything from freelance writing and copywriting, to graphic design and web development. You can find work on sites like Upwork, where you can find jobs that allow you to work from home and in your own time.

You could also boost your finances by doing something you enjoy, like making bracelets or clothing, which can be sold online or at a local market. This can offer you excellent profits as you can charge higher rates for bespoke items.

Selling online may be a more practical solution, and you can place items on sites like Amazon and Etsy, which are easy to use sites and are very popular. You could also charge for delivery, which means all you need to spend money on is the materials for the products and site membership.