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Tips on How to Create your Best Instagram Username

What seems so hard to come up with a username? But it's not that straightforward. That's because it's boom time on Instagram, where everyone finds what they're looking for: creativity, inspiration, networking, an audience, and getting their business off on the right foot (or take it to the next level). Instagram now has over a billion MAU, and that number is not even going to go down. Imagine how many similar names there could be?

In any case, every user wishes to make their account different, creative, attractive so that new users will click that important "Follow" button. Do you know what a user immediately pays attention to? It's the username and the bio those essential elements at the top of your account that you may don't give due consideration.

Best Instagram Username

So, how to develop the most suitable account name using an Instagram usernames generator or your creative skills?

Your best IG username creation: 5 Tips

  • Decide on the purpose of your Insta account

There are several kinds of Instagram accs:

Personal account

If you don't intend to use the platform seriously but simply use it as a way to connect with friends and family or to be inspired by other accounts, then it's a personal account.

So, you may create any name you like, but it's more logical to pick out something connected with your real name — for example, Sarah_Parker, Jack1997, etc.

Business account

The primary purpose of this account is to promote a product or service, so the name must be related to the company or product, describe it, or have some relation to your business.

Influencer account

It is something between a personal and a business account. You don't represent a company or your own brand, but you make money on Instagram because you're good at a particular niche. So, your username might look like a mix of the real name as well as your niche.

Curation account

Such an account includes content with a particular theme. Usually, these are accounts that post inspiring pictures of other profiles (with their permission, of course) or profiles with memes, lovely cats, beautiful scenery, etc.

It is advisable to use a niche name or close to it: _funnycats, inspire_images, etc.

  • Stick to uniqueness

With a plethora of content and users on Insta, uniqueness is the first thing to consider when creating an account name. Design on your own or use a username generator so that you end up with a unique and distinctive name that still describes your brand or niche.

  • Don't ignore your hidden creative skills

Uniqueness is linked to creativity, but it is still possible to develop a one-of-a-kind name without making it look appealing.

If your skills are still hidden and don't want to reveal themselves, you can try the Instagram usernames generator tools — they will assist you with creativity.

Best Instagram Username

  • Reflect the posts content theme

Be relevant and know your audience's interests and preferences — take it into account when designing a username. So if a user desires to discover an organic cosmetics account, he/she will enter such keywords — if they are in your name, your account will be found.

  • Keep it simple

To make your nickname memorable, you need to keep it simple. Yes, it can be likable, but in the end, people won't remember it, and that's not the best outcome, especially in business development.

NB: your username can include up to 30 symbols, but we recommend using less. At the very least, your name can be long but then consists of simple words, for example, thebucketlistfamily.