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How to Create Engaging Video Content for Your Instagram Business Page that Worth to Be Shared

The era of relying solely on Billboards, TV, radio, and other traditional media has lost its savor. Nowadays, if you want people to know what you do to keep the conversation going about your products, social media is the most preferred place to go.

As one of the many tools of social media, Instagram has become the hub for many companies to put out daily content that attracts and engages their prospective and already signed clients. Companies now use IG to churn out daily video content as the platform supports that content type. In fact, photos and videos are the most viable types of content on IG.

It’s a no brainer that you adopted to take a look at this website because you want to build a solid online presence and get ahead. To do that, your business will need to employ strategic marketing strategies, and here is why. 

According to Hootsuite, 87% of businesses in 2019 utilized video as one of their marketing tools, with Instagram and Facebook accounting for two-thirds of the social media video ad expenditure.

For your company to thrive by generating enough engagement, you will need to post regular video content of good production value. It is important to confirm that both the video and audio quality are properly checked – ensure you do not want people struggling to see or hear what is being said in the video. There are different formats of video content your business can capitalize on IG:

  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram feed
  • IGTV
  • Instagram live

Each of these formats has different functions; hence understanding their features is key to your business succeeding on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Stories are increasingly becoming an integral part of any social media platform these days, from Facebook stories to WhatsApp stories, you see them everywhere. 2017 saw a rise in the use of Instagram stories as there were 300 million daily users causing the feature to trend.

Stories are fun and exciting ways of creating awareness and establishing a solid online presence. Stories have a 15 second or less format where businesses can post spontaneous videos of recent happenings, snippets from interview sessions, walkthrough of a product, service, or building, and other exciting phases of your business.

You need to maintain consistency in the way you post your stories; they should be sequential with just the right amount of information. You want to keep the people guessing what will happen next.

Stories last for just 24 hours; hence, your start telling techniques must come into play for effectiveness and proper engagement. You can also take polls online to ask the audience what they prefer depending on the niche tour company operates in.

Furthermore, the more people view your stories, the more you can create engagement. Therefore, it is imperative to seek to always gain followers who will be able to view your stories when you post them.

Instagram Feed Video

This type of video content is the popular videos that pop up on your timeline by other people you follow.  This regular type of video is usually 3 to 60 seconds long, but you will need to add a little bit of polish to this video content type.

Your audience will understand the spontaneity when you are recording a video for your stories or Instagram live. However, the regular videos should have a better production quality, with adequate lighting and audio efficiency to engage the audience.

There are thousands of videos that your target audience will view daily; hence you want to capture them with a quality video and pass a message about your company. It is also important that you give the people something they can take back home; you can do this by creating video content that addresses your target audience's particular pain point.


Instagram TV is a format that supports long videos where your company can connect to your target audience via an emotional appeal. At this stage, you have the people's full attention and ample time to pass your message across. However, it is not all video content that will require you using IGTV to promote.

Content like documentaries, Client testimonials, and tutorials can be featured here, but the first 30 seconds of this video have to be captivating enough there will not be enough engagements. No business wants to rack up views but leave the engagement box is empty.

Instagram Live

As much as stories are spontaneous and exciting, Instagram live combines stories' excitement into one long broadcast. It is more or less like your office has transformed into a TV station broadcasting your events for the target audience to watch.

It has been an amazing addition as it has helped businesses to connect to the audience, especially during this pandemic. You can live stream as long as you want, although you have to give quality content; otherwise, the number of viewers will begin to drop.

Tips in Creating Engaging Video Content for Your IG Page

Evidently, your company can harness the different features available on Instagram and properly engage your audience.

Here are some tips in creating engaging video content:

  • Gain more followers
  • Conduct adequate research in the target audience. You can get the different pain points of each segment and create content that addresses those issues.
  • Use new marketing strategies for different days but let them be consistent so the audience can have something to look forward to.
  • Invest in IG video ads to promote your business. Check out credible Instagram services that enhance your brand visibility and invest in them.
  • Make your videos clean and clear with a call to action at the end of each message. Furthermore, you can use an online text to voice tool to add realistic voices to your videos in different languages.

In essence, generating engagement for your video content does not just come easily; you have to employ the right marketing strategies to enhance your online presence.

How to Create Engaging Video Content for Your Instagram Business Page


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