How To Approach Review Bloggers
October 05, 2019

How To Approach Review Bloggers

Getting review bloggers can really help you make the most of your product and get it out there in front of new fans and customers. These tips are here to help ensure you can do so in a positive manner.

Establish The Purpose Of The Reviews

Reviews can serve different purposes, which is why you want to think about these purposes before you reach out to review bloggers as this post from VelSEOity suggests.

For example, if there is something specific about your product or service you want reviewers to focus on, share it with whoever is going to handle the review. Of course, the review can still go in a totally different direction.

But when reviewers have a better sense of what the product or service is focusing on, it can lead to a much better review.

Of course, all reviewers are going to be as objective as they can. And asking for anything less than an objective review is definitely not recommended if you want to maintain a good reputation. But it doesn't hurt to point out the main goals of your product or service.

Stick To Bloggers With The Same Niche/Passion

In order for the review to be effective, it needs to come from an authoritative voice. This means choose review bloggers that cater to the same audience you do.

Otherwise, their opinion is not going to matter much and you won't see an increase in business. The reality is that bloggers have specific followings. It's up to you to find the right review blogger that can speak to your audience.

How is this going to help you? Well, when a respected blogger with influence makes the suggestion to try something, you can bet several followers are going to consider it.

This is a powerful position to have from a marketing point of view. And in your case, the reviews from authority bloggers can be worth a lot of traffic.

Give Review Bloggers All The Information They Need

Another important tip before you reach out to a blogger is to research their blog. Get up to date with what is being published, and show the blogger you are genuinely interested in getting a valuable review.

And after building some communication, and they agree to do a review of your product or service, don't let them work hard for information.

Instead, take the liberty of providing as much information as possible. You want the blogger to know everything about whatever they are reviewing, seeing as it will only help your situation. In other words, make it incredibly convenient and easy to review your product or service.

At the same time, you want to consider sending samples to the reviewers - if possible. This gives the reviewer greater perspective about the product and if they can recommend it to their following.

Make Peace With Negative Reviews

There is hard truth you have to face right now. And it comes in the shape of a negative review. Because no matter how great you believe your product or service to be, there will always be one unhappy client or reviewer.

But instead of letting a negative review get you down, take it as constructive criticism. And if there is nothing constructive to take away, then it's not a negative review worth reading.

Also, take note that some bloggers might charge money for a review. This is especially true when you reach out to influential bloggers with large followings. So, there is nothing strange or unholy about paying for a review.

But as you've just read, don't expect it to be positive simply because you put down money. There is still a chance you can receive negative comments you weren't prepared for. But this is why you prepare beforehand and take every blow as a reason to try harder.