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How I Make $100 A Day On Twitter

If you follow my account on Twitter you will know I am very big on how
to monetize Twitter accounts

I have helped monetize over 100 accounts so far 
Ranging from avid users to people that only tweet every so often

So I wanted to help you do the same

Here below we go over three EASY ways that YOU can grow followers on Twitter right now and start getting paid for your Twitter time. There are many ways to grow on Twitter. Some do it the hard way and some people use Narrow to grow their Twitter accounts.

1. Sales From Your Bio

I have honestly seen it time and time again, people arguing about politics, sport, finance... anything
For hours and hours on Twitter 
Most for free.... but it doesn't have to be for free
You can quite literally put a product related to what you tweet about in your bio, even if you are only semi-active there will still be 1000+ that read your bio monthly and this is free traffic

2. Lead Magnet

Use a lead magnet in your bio and tweet it out regularly to get other users emails... 
Emails are worth $$$ and once you have them they are yours to keep

3. Affiliate Sales

I have guys with only a few hundred followers making 1k+ a month by just tweeting out other Twitter users products on an affiliate link. 
So easy
All you need to do is approach some of your favourite Twitter accounts with a product to sell and ask to affiliate for them.
Start doing these things and I promise you... Twitter goes from being a distraction to an income
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