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Effects of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth

Entrepreneurs contribute a lot for the benefit of society. They are considered a national asset. That is because they cultivate and generate every possible opportunity for people in the country. Entrepreneurship is a way of coming up with many business ideas to help solve a given problem in society.

 Growing a business is not an easy task involving looking for a customer on different platforms such as Facebook. There you will be required to buy Facebook followers to expand the market for your business. Although there are a lot of challenges involved in entrepreneurship, it has a lot of impact on the economic growth of a country. Some of the effects of entrepreneurship on economic growth are discussed below. 

It Contributes to National income.

Entrepreneurs have different ways of developing new business ideas. Every business owner must know how to manage their finances, as that is one of the qualities you must have to succeed in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs usually avoid foreign investment at the initial stage of their businesses because they have not yet generated enough income to facilitate investments in other countries. That means their investments remain within the country.

Whatever the entrepreneurs earn from their businesses will remain and circulate within their country. They open the gate for more business ideas improved products and services. Entrepreneurs will also contribute to improvement in Technology. That means the businesses will always run smoothly, increasing productivity and profit. The government has different ways of generating income from business people through tax and revenue collection. It, therefore, means that as the business people earn more profit, the national income also increases. Also, entrepreneurs open doors for more job opportunities, leading to increased employment rates. Through tax imposed on the salaries, the government also generates more income.

Localizes Wealth Generation

Entrepreneurship focuses more on the local people. Remember, for a country to be considered developed, there must be wealth distribution in local and urban areas. Entrepreneurs ensure wealth distribution by putting more businesses in the local community. Most business opportunities are also available in the local community because many resources are available.

Farming is one of the most beneficial economic activities that contribute to economic development. Farming is not carried out in urban areas but in a rural environment. It generates many products, such as cash crops. Every entrepreneur would want to start their business with readily available resources. That, therefore, leads to the establishment of many businesses in the local community, which leads generates more wealth for people living in those areas.

Creates Employment Opportunities

A country is considered to have developed economically when most of its citizens are employed. A country with fewer employment opportunities is considered poor. Entrepreneurs have different ways of thinking. That means they can come up with many solutions to a single problem. That means they can come up with many business ideas in one place. Those businesses will need employees to run them. That will lead to more employment opportunities that will generate more income. That will increase economic growth.

Bringing Foreign Opportunities at a Local Level

Entrepreneurs open many businesses at the local level. They invest locally because they do not have enough money for foreign investment at the start. But after the businesses have become successful at the local level, they start expanding to foreign investment and even attract foreign investors to those local areas. That way, they expand the market for local businesses and products. That, in turn, leads to income generation, which boosts economic growth.

Leads to improvement in Technology

Today, Technology is considered the backbone of every business. That is because you cannot be successful in your business without using the new Technology in operating it. The world has gone digital, and no one would want to go back to manual operation. Entrepreneurs are creative people and think daily to come up with new ideas. That leads to improvement in Technology.

There will be proper time management and faster communication between companies with improvements in Technology. All these are fundamentals for the success of every business. That will increase their productivity and generate more profit hence increased economic growth.


Most of the developed countries depend on entrepreneurship for their economic development. Therefore, every country should create a conducive environment for entrepreneurship to grow faster.