6 Secret Techniques To Improve Social Media Presence
October 12, 2020

6 Secret Techniques To Improve Social Media Presence

If you are a brand or a service company it is imperative that you have an active presence on different social media platforms. The impact of social media on marketing, public perception and visibility is massive which is why the majority of the brands now have active presence on these platforms.

Even if you are on social media it is vital that you remain active and constantly engage in interactions as well as communication with the different entities to help elevate your brand to the next level. If you are just there dormant on social media then it is not going to help your brand or business operations.

The social media has become an integral component for brand exposure and marketing which is why most of the companies these days hire professional social media agencies to handle their operations on these platforms.

If you are worried about the effectiveness of your social media presence then here are some of the tricks, tips and techniques that will help in contributing towards improved and productive digital activity.

Tips For Improving Social Media Presence

Here are some of the important techniques and methods that you should adopt for boosting your social media presence and impact.

Setting smart goals: Comprehensive planning and setting up structured, smart, result-oriented goals is very vital in turning your social media presence into unqualified success. The brands should set the goals and objectives that are relevant, measurable, time-bound, specific and achievable.

For instance the smart goal for your social media presence would be increasing the rate of twitter response by 25% within the 1st quarter. When you channel the social media efforts into measurable, relevant and time-frame goals you provide the proper context and foundations for success.

Identifying the audience: Once you have established the goals the next step involves identifying the core target audience of your social media activity. Here it is important to note that not everyone is necessarily an audience.

Maybe they are the prospective customers or they are the influencers and industry players. Whatever it might be breaking down the audience will help you in figuring out the following things:

  • Your active social media sites
  • Your schedule of posting
  • The content type you publish
  • The voice of your brand
  • The information contained in your profiles

Be Humane: This is significant in the overall scheme of things. One of the mistakes that companies make on social media is coming across as faceless corporation with no personality. In this day and age people want to understand your brand on a more intimate and personal level. This is why brands' social media managers crack jokes and indulge in light, fun conversations with people.

Seeking relationships: As a brand you must not be just after the followers but rather choose to seek fruitful relationships with your potential customers. 1000 followers that engage regularly is better than 10,000 followers that don't interact with you. It is important for you to be socially active and build a brand that a good interactive relationship with its customers.

Automation: The automation is an important aspect that lets you tweet without requiring human intervention. These automated tweets or posts are scheduled to be posted at specific times which helps you curating content. However you must avoid automation when you are replying to customer queries and interacting with them personally. If you're looking to automate your Twitter or Instagram account, try using jarvee

Adopting visual content: The visual content is extremely effective in garnering consumer interest and attracting more interactions and visibility. The images, videos, charts and graphic representation has a higher success rate than plain text which is why a lot of the brands are adopting visual content on their social media.

6 Secret Techniques To Improve Social Media Presence