January 22, 2023

5 Keys To Implement A Culture Of Transparency

Have An Internal Communication That Reflects The Values Of The Company

Corporate values are not just a declaration of intent, but a way of seeing the business that must be present on a day-to-day basis. In this way, professionals will be able to better understand the objectives of the company and will be able to feel more identified with corporate ethics. 

If employees are able to visualize the objectives and values of the company, they will trust it more and feel more comfortable in the position they occupy. You can see more details on visit

Put The Focus On Sincerity, Even If The News Is Not Good

Many companies insist on delivering all news with a positive tone, which can sometimes be detrimental. When all the news is positive, it may be that trust in the company ends up being broken by showing that everything was not as good as initially claimed. On the contrary, companies should be honest and encourage their workers to help solve potential setbacks. In this way, the relationship of trust between the company and the professionals is reinforced.

Report All Changes Quickly

Companies with a culture of transparency inform their employees of all changes that occur, especially those that are relevant to the business. Whether through an official announcement or an internal report, it is necessary for companies to inform professionals of important changes to avoid moments of uncertainty and build trust.

Give Workers Access To Relevant Documents

There are companies like Hub Spot that allow their workers access to their financial data before it is released. In this way, according to the company, they can make them participants in their success. It is important for companies to share relevant information such as financial data, contact books and even employee calendars. Allowing employees to know about important meetings from their peers will not only provide a more open philosophy of corporate communication, but also improve efficiency and trust.

Keep Social Networks Updated

Currently, one of the mirrors of companies is social networks. It is one of the first elements that candidates look at, so it is important that these reflect the company's culture of transparency. Publishing interesting content on LinkedIn is a good way to publicize the corporate culture and company values. 

At the same time, it is an opportunity to show the day to day in the company and for the candidates to see what their future colleagues will be like. If social networks reflect that workers are comfortable in the company, it is a very good opportunity to build trust with both clients and future candidates.

Transparency is a very important quality in a company, which must start from the top in order to be transferred to all other corporate spheres.