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5 Instagram Feed Ideas to Present Your Best Self Online

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There are some simple rules you can follow to immediately beautify your Insta feed. Check out the Instagram feed ideas in this guide.

5 Instagram Feed Ideas to Present Your Best Self Online 

Did you know that as of 2018, there were a billion Instagram users worldwide? And that number has only continued to rise. Whether you're trying to become an influencer or advertise your brand or business, you can't beat that kind of reach.

But cultivating a stunning Instagram feed isn't as easy as some may think. From the choice of photos to colors to lighting, there's a lot that goes into creating a follow-worthy Instagram. 

If you're looking for Instagram feed ideas to take your profile to the next level, you've come to the right place! We've outlined 5 of the best tips to implement in your Instagram to maximize visual appeal and therefore follower count.

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1. Stick to a Theme

Think of a theme as the mood or vibe of your feed. Take your time when choosing your theme, as you will base your entire Instagram around this idea.

This can be anything you want! From dark and grungy to bubblegum pop, there are a vast amount of Instagram feeds from which to draw inspiration. Just be sure to choose one that fits your personality, as your audience wants to get to know you!

2. Choose a Topic

Along with a theme in regards to your photos, you should have a short list of topics that you stick to - ideally between 1 and 5. If you're passionate about hiking and food, for example, design your Instagram feed around these two topics specifically.

As tempting as it may be, don't try to talk about a million things at once. You will gain a following much easier if potential followers know what to expect from your feed.

3. Make Your Feed Flow

A beautiful group of pictures is a great place to start, but to really take your Instagram feed to the next level, you need to make it flow. This means that you need to arrange your pictures in a way that makes your feed look balanced with colors, subjects, and backgrounds.

Place photos next to each other that are similar enough that they both fit your theme, but contrast enough to make the photos around them pop. 

4. Be Aware of Backgrounds

While the subject of your images is the most important feature, the background is a close second. The best thing you can do is to keep your backgrounds as minimalistic as possible, drawing all of the attention to the subject.

If your background is a little busy, consider using a photo editor to blur it or heighten the contrast between it and your main subject.

5. Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

There's a reason that photographers most often shoot during the "golden hour." Natural lighting is at its most beautiful right after sunrise and just before sunset. Keep this in mind when taking photos for your Instagram!

Natural light will give your photos a more professional appearance, as you will have more detailed images. Also, any filter you use will look better over a higher quality photo.

Use These Instagram Feed Ideas to Boost Your Personal Brand

At the end of the day, there's no wrong way to share what you love. By using these Instagram feed ideas, your profile will look stunning, but the most important part of any social media platform is the fun you have with it!

If you're enjoying yourself and passionate about what you post, it will translate to your audience and you will naturally gain followers and fans because of it. And a stellar feed will give you an extra boost!

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