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3 YouTube Converters Online That Can Transform Videos!

3 YouTube Converters Online

Whenever we like a video on YouTube, we tend to save it to our watch later list or keep track of it in the history zone. When you have several videos in those lists, it becomes quite challenging to find the one you wish to watch with time. To avoid these distressing situations, there exist tools that can help you download YouTube videos. These online YouTube converters can help extract audio from the videos as well, and you can use them to create a long track filled with songs you like the most.

Let's go through some of these online tools' features to see what they have to offer and how they can save the time you spend searching for your favorite tracks.

Evano – An Online Video Editor & Converter

 3 YouTube Converters Online

Evano is an online converter that can transform all types of videos into other formats It contains more than 25 different types of extensions for video files and can also extract audio from them. It's compatible with all the latest browsers, and you don't need any special skills to convert a file on this platform. You'll just need to provide the URL of the YouTube video or upload it if you've saved it on your computer, select the format you want to convert it in, and press convert. That's it!

Video Editing Features

On this website, you can play around with the video properties and save the ones you need. You can change the codec of the video file or download it without re-encoding it. The settings for this particular option will always depend on the format you choose to convert the video in. you will also be able to select quality, bitrate, size, and frame rate for the clip. These settings can save a bunch of your video editing time if you're a pro, but if you don't know how these options work, then don't mess with the default ones and convert the file after uploading it.

Audio Settings

When you upload a video file, you can extract its audio or convert it to a different format. For audio conversion, you'll need to select the audio tab and change the settings as required. Again, if you don't know how the options work, you can choose the default ones and begin the download. The settings allow you to change the frequency, audio channels, and bitrate. Moreover, it also has a sound amplification option that enables you to intensify the sound levels to listen to them on your average volume settings.

Is It Completely Free?

Evano is a free software only for those who stay within their designated download or editing limits. It allows its users to download or convert 5 files a day, and the file size shouldn't exceed 100 MBs. Otherwise, the online converter will refuse to transform the file, and you'll need to select one of their premium plans. Considering the number of settings they are offering, going for one of their monthly plans isn't a bad option for experts because it can save a lot of their time.

Ontiva – The Online YT Converter

 3 YouTube Converters Online

Ontiva is ready to convert your favorite YouTube videos to four different popular formats Mp4, Mp3, Wav, and OGG, It has a YT search engine that allows its users to look for their favorite videos on the platform right on its main website. In search results, you'll find an option to convert the video; when clicked, you'll be taken to the download page, where you can change some video and audio settings before finalizing the download.

Features Unlike Other Online Converters

Have you ever liked a specific part of a video and downloaded the entire footage just to enjoy a few frames of it? You don't have to save the whole vid next time; Ontiva gives you an online video cutter to extract your favorite part. This cutter also enables you to select a format to export the file in.  After choosing the settings for the video, the download begins immediately, but make sure to use the tool carefully as it has a limit on how many videos you can download a month.

Audio Settings Management

In the audio tab, you can select the quality for Mp3 and other files. This tab shows the sizes of each file as well, so if your device is low on storage space, maybe you'll need to go with a lower bitrate Mp3 version. The quality loss is barely noticeable, but there is surely an insane difference between 64 kbps and 320 kbps. You can go for Wav format if the file size isn't an issue so you can enjoy the same quality music.

Is Ontiva Free?

Again, if you stay in the limits then yes, else, you'll need to subscribe to one of its plans to get unlimited downloads a month. Ontiva has also set a limiter on the length of the videos you can convert or save, which is 15mins per file. It's not a lot, but you can easily download a song at one go. Sadly, you cannot download more than 5 vids a day, and their resolution should be lower than 720p. – The Best YouTube To Mp3 Converter

 3 YouTube Converters Online

The website offers services similar to Ontiva's, but it's the like of thousands because of its coherent behavior. As it's only made for youtube video conversions, it doesn't convert files from other websites. This website lets you search for your favorite youtube tracks in its built-in search engine. Sometimes, if you can't find the videos, you'll need to provide its URL. It happens when the video is played from a channel's playlist, which changes the URL a little. But putting a small amount of effort isn't a matter of concern when you're about to enjoy a lot of cool features.

Say No To Bad Quality

When you select a video to download, you can choose a resolution to save the video in. These resolutions range from lowest to 2k, and you can enjoy an HD result without needing to go for a premium plan. Furthermore, with a free account, you can save a video of up to sixty minutes and download 10 vids a day, which is a pretty fair deal for a standard registered account.

What about the download time?

As soon as you select a video, you can convert it in no time. You can also change the settings if you want, but that's not required. The video is converted in seconds, and the download begins right after you select the file size. In short, YouTube conversion is easier than ever!

What Changes With Premium Plans?

I was surprised at first too, when I saw too many features for free, but it's good, isn't it? For one registered account, you get to enjoy videos of excellent quality. The premium plans only remove the restrictions and allow you to download unlimited videos in 4k resolution and of infinite duration. Still, I'd advise regulars to go with the free account and suggest professionals go with Evano because they have some cool video editing features that can prove useful in their careers.

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