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10 Real Online Jobs for College Students

Many students think that starting a job at college is an impossible task. Studying and working is much easier now than ever. The internet provides so many opportunities for students to make extra cash that it is almost criminal to not discover them. Below you'll find 10 real and tested online jobs a student can do while in college:

1. Transcriber

There are two main sites where you can become a transcriptionist: Rev and TranscribeMe. The average pay a transcriptionist gets ranges from $15 to $25 per hour. All you have to do is pass the test that qualifies you as a transcriptionist, and then listen to audio files and transcribe. You also have the option to write captions on videos.

2. Essay Writer

Another job you can definitely do is a freelance essay writer. Depending on what you are studying, you can find an online writing agency to hire you, or even you can start by freelancing on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. If you believe you don't have the skills to be a professional essay writer, and frankly you are struggling with your own assignments, there are many online essay writers that will guarantee you a perfect grade for that essay. Hiring a professional to do your essay will free up lots of your time, so you can work more or do extra homework on another course.

3. Translator assignments

If you know another language as well as English, you can also work as a freelance translator. There are many sites that want their videos and materials translated from English to other languages and vice versa. With a bit of research and great sample materials, you can get very good deals.

4. Social Media Manager

After the pandemic, more and more companies consist of multinational teams that work remotely. Managing the social media of a small to medium business is something you don't need a degree to do. Make your pitch as convincing as you can with creative ideas and samples, and you'll see that you'll start having your first gigs. You can search for a job posting on Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelance websites.

5. Virtual Assistant

If making lists and organization is your thing, then you should definitely search for a position as a virtual assistant. Many companies search for the right individual to help them keep track of inner company processes and organizations.

6. Data Entry

Data Entry is also a job for a meticulous and organizational person. The menial task of creating lists and logging data is a field that may be relevant to your study subject.  If you are one of those that have searched over and over again "How To Find A Job As A Student", this is a perfect opportunity for you. Also, many people find logging data relaxing and calming as an activity - imagine getting paid for that!

7. Tutor

You could also try being an online tutor. There are many sights where you can register according to your qualifications. You could also try being an online tutor specializing in elementary math. There are many websites and platforms available where you can register and showcase your qualifications and expertise in teaching elementary math. By offering your services as an elementary math tutor online, you can reach a wider audience and help students enhance their math skills from the comfort of their own homes. The subject of your tutoring may vary from foreign languages to university enhancement lessons to other students to high school students. Teaching is fun, but it may require more time and organization than other options listed in the article.

8. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines like Google and Bing are searching for user feedback for optimizing user results. That means employing Search Engine Evaluators to provide them a set of data that will help them better their algorithms. The average pay for a Search Engine Evaluator is $12 to $15 per hour.

9. Resume Writer 

Resume writing is on the rise because many young professionals find it difficult to structure their CVs. While it may seem simple, writing resumes for other people may prove to be quite challenging.


With more and more resources like Canva and Trello, becoming a freelance designer for simple tasks, like t-shirts, flyers, social media posts and business cards is easier than ever. All you have to do is sign up to Fiverr, build your portfolio, and find your first client!


Overall, the job you are going to choose depends on your time, your background, and how much effort you are willing to put in. There are many more options of course for working as a student, but realistically you may need to try more than one for something to work out. Good Luck!


Carl Hill is a professional writer and researcher. He has studied English Literature and has been traveling and writing for the last 3 years. He enjoys reading, tennis and the sea.