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Xnspy Review: Save Yourself from a Cheating Spouse with this Spy App

Xnspy Review: Save Yourself from a Cheating Spouse with this Spy App

This isn’t one of your regular app reviews. Here, we will be addressing one of the most stressing issues of the 21st century: Infidelity. Also, by the end of this review, you would be just one download away from knowing if you had been sleeping next to a cheater!

Why You Need Xnspy

With the increasing divorce rate in the United States, the proportion of cheating and infidelity in relationships is also snowballing. Though gender differences play a significant role (men are more likely to cheat than their female counterparts), there are other important factors like a person’s past history, the degree of opportunity, and most importantly a person’s willingness to take risks.

It is observed that for women, the reason behind cheating her partner is not sex. Most women cheat for an emotional connection. It has been found that women can have an emotional affair with some other person without taking it to the physical level. On the other hand, men usually cheat for a primary reason that is physical involvement.  

Xnspy Review: Save Yourself from a Cheating Spouse with this Spy App

Source: Institute for Family Studies

Well, in my case, my husband was acting indifferent and distracted. I tried to share my concerns with him but in vain. On a friend’s suggestion, I decided to try a spouse monitoring app.

I did my homework, studied what could go wrong and then finally picked Xnspy as my choice of spouse monitoring app. For starters, it did the job! I got my answers. I discovered that he was having an affair with a girl from work. The fact that he was cheating me was unforgivable in my book.

I told him I couldn’t be with him after his infidelity. My marriage came to an end. I just wish I had used this app a few months before when he was acting cold. I would definitely recommend Xnspy that enables you to monitor your spouse's cell phone remotely.   Xnspy Review: Save Yourself from a Cheating Spouse with this Spy App   

I had never checked his phone in all those years we had been together but, things were so upsetting that I decided to try Xnspy to monitor his cell phone remotely. I read his messages, accessed his call logs, and even emails.

Now that I am finally past all that, I thought I should tell you more about how I pulled this off.

Xnspy – How does it work?

Before buying, you must ensure that the spy app is compatible with the device you want to monitor remotely. This spouse monitoring app is functional with both Android and iOS devices. Xnspy Android works on Android OS versions 4.X up to 9.X. For iPhones, it works on iOS versions 6.X up to 12.4.

Purchase Xnspy license

You can buy one of the Xnspy’s subscriptions: Basic and Premium. Xnspy Basic offers all the regular spy tools, while Xnspy Premium offers all the advanced functionalities.

Xnspy Basic

  • Monthly: $29.99/month
  • Quarterly: $41.99/quarter
  • Annually: $59.99/year

Xnspy Premium

  • Monthly: $35.99/month
  • Quarterly: $59.99/quarter
  • Annually: $89.99/year

Download & Install Xnspy

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email containing a download link, Xnspy account credentials, and other installation guidelines. You can download the app on the target device.

To monitor an Android device, you will need physical access to your partner’s phone. If you want to monitor an iPhone, you will need iCloud credentials of your spouse to set up the app. Moreover, Xnspy is completely undetectable spyware so you don’t have to worry about your entire plan to backfire.

Login to Your Dashboard

Once set up, Xnspy fetches all the information of the device and uploads it to your Xnspy account. Messages, calls, locations, etc. are uploaded to their relevant category that makes the interface simple and user-friendly. Using your Xnspy credentials, you can log into your account to access your spouse’s phone remotely.

Xnspy Review: Save Yourself from a Cheating Spouse with this Spy App

Features of Xnspy

  • Monitor Phone Calls and Messages

If your spouse is obsessed with his phone and regularly deletes call or text history, there are chances that they are hiding something. With Xnspy, you can easily access call logs of your spouse. You can monitor all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls with time and date for every call. You can also read all sent/received text messages on the device. One feature that I liked the most about Xnspy was its instant alerts. You can specify suspicious callers to get an instant alert via email whenever your partner tries to contact them. You can add words or phrases to your watch list, too. 

  • Access Instant Messengers and multimedia

Developing relationships over social media has become so common that over the past 5 years, divorce attorneys have noticed a significant increase in the use of social media networking as evidence in their cases. If your partner is consistently checking in on their social media accounts, interacting with specific “friends,” only could be the red flag. Xnspy is the best option for you as it works with all popular IM platforms, including Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Facebook, and Tinder. You can read their entire chats and access all the multimedia files shared on those instant messaging apps.

  • Track GPS Location

If you notice that your once-open spouse is now super conscious about their whereabouts, there is probably something they don’t want you to know. You can easily access the GPS location of their device through Xnspy. It will display accurate addresses of all the places they have visited along with the date and time details. This spouse monitoring app uses geofencing technology to provide you alerts on specific locations whenever your partner tries to enter or leave them.  

  • XNSPY Analytics

This is one of the advanced and additional features of this spy app, which facilitates you with the top 5 callers and top 5 call durations of your spouse. Furthermore, it displays an activity punch card which shows the busiest calling hours of a day for the entire week. Other analytics include the top 10 websites that have been frequently accessed.

  • Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities

You can easily access their emails and browser activity containing a list of all the websites visited.

  • View Photos, Videos and Calendar Entries

You can access all the photos and videos or calendar entries saved on your partner’s phone.

  • Remotely Control Target Device

You can get the control of your partner’s phone in your hands. It offers remote surround recording and device locking, and it also allows you to delete phone storage and take remote screenshots.

  • Watchlist words, places, and contacts

You can specify particular words, locations, and contacts to filter out the most relevant data. Xnspy sends an instant alert via a registered email on each watch listed activity.



  • Stealth Mode
  • Flexible pricing
  • User-friendly online control panel
  • Easy installation
  • Advanced features like call recording, geofencing, and ambient recording
  • 10-day refund policy
  • Telephonic customer support isn’t available
  • It doesn’t support other OS like Nokia and Blackberry


Verdict: Is it worth purchasing Xnspy?

Yes absolutely. I wonder if I had ignored the beep I heard that night, things would have been different. But it is probably best to confront the truth before it is too late. With this spouse monitoring app, you can protect yourself from a cheating spouse. Infidelity hurts because it is a huge breach of trust in an area that has a lot of emotions involved. Xnspy is the best-hidden tool that can give you access to everything happening on your partner’s phone.