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X Men's Accessories for Their Style

In the new waves of fashion, there are tons of trends that guys should look up to. From the vintage inspiration to the post-modern punk era, updating your wardrobe is a must.

This does not mean that you should be doing an overhaul in your closet, but the more you update yourself, the more learning you’ll get in investing clothes.

Accessories are also necessary, as it complements your fit as well as putting accent throughout your body. These make you look alive, and not all wrapped up with fabrics. Nonetheless, here are the seven accessories men should add to their style.

1. Smartwatch

There are loads of affordable watches online and in physical stores. Yes, you can also invest in classic timepieces that never go out of style. Yet, there are also things that you might want to consider when it comes to functionality and tech-related advantage.

Smartwatches are booming nowadays. You don’t only see Apple releasing these touchscreen watches, but there are also Android-operated brands that sell them for cheap. This allows the user to not only time but to also manage his activities throughout the day with the use of phone synchronization.

2. Fisherman Beanies

Fisherman beanies are shorter versions of beanies that are very in style nowadays. You can see these being worn by many, and it is very versatile to use. Unlike longer beanie cuts, fisherman beanies tend to look more stylish and more comfortable. And if you’re living in a place with moderate to high cold weather, then these are the best ones for you.

Being famous in the previous years, fisherman beanies can also be worn when layering fabrics like denim, leather, and button-downs to complete the weather-proof look.

3. Newsboy Hat

The vintage trend never stops. This old-town piece gives a dapper look to your fit, even if you’re just wearing your plain essentials like shirts and trousers. Although popularized in formal attire, newsboy hats are still versatile when it comes to casual styles. Pop in a leather or denim jacket and match these with your favorite chukkas and you’re good to go.

4. Plain Footwear

Shoes nowadays become more engineered over time. We see people wearing chunky builds with lots of colors on it, and that’s what makes it challenging to wear. If you’re not into these types of shoes, then you can wear a plain ensemble of tumbled leather sneakers and socks, or you can slip through loafers for that drier and cleaner look.

5. Gold Pieces of Jewelry

Looking rich comes in cheap. If you want to invest in bracelets, rings or necklaces that look sophisticated yet budget-friendly, there are various online shops on Instagram. These online sellers provide high-quality gold pieces that suit your every style and your pocket.

Gold jewelry is timeless and can be cut down into different pricing categories. Its niftiness allows your style to become more noticeable, with a subtle effect of that bling. So if you are into high-end complements, then these are the best ones for you.

6. Crossbody Bag

Gone are the days when belt bags and fanny packs are the go-to luggage. If you are going to buy new ones, then crossbody bags are the best option to go for. Unlike belt bags, crossbody bags have more pockets can be worn safely in front of your body, hence the name. To add, its minimalistic-military silhouette adds character to your style.

These are popularized in utility wear and streetwear combined. You might want to try on an oversized, long-back shirt and distressed jeans to pair this piece of minimal luggage.

7. Tape/Industrial Belts

If you are looking for ways to tweak some casual or formal fits, then tape or industrial belts can help. These types of belts hang a little bit extra below your crotch area, having that relaxed and lazy appeal. Big brands like Off-White and Heron Preston have put out luxury tape belts for you to experiment on.

Although these originated in streetwear, many fashion icons have also tried wearing these ceremonially. Try wearing one with a suit or coat matched with cropped trousers and runners to complete your look.


If you are having trouble matching accessories with clothing, there are various ways on how to cope with it. Try laying down fits from your wardrobe, and carefully hover your accessories over to see the look. You can check out online platforms and men’s fashion catalogs to see what should be in or what should be out.

Having lots of accessories to choose from is also helpful. Although, when collecting such, you should also be careful about what to invest. Choosing the best accessories that will go with any outfit can go a long way. So, take some regular research on the latest trends to avoid outdated complements for your fit.