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Why You Should Make Mykonos Your Next Holiday

The next time you’re planning your holiday, Europe is doubtless going to be in your uppermost thoughts and for a good reason too. It is, after all, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and phenomenal coastlines.

So, if you are looking forward to spending some down time taking it easy while lazily reclining on golden sands, alongside crystal blue waters, may we suggest – if you haven’t already – giving the stunning Greek island of Mykonos a try. There are also plenty of great Mykonos hotels for you to stay at. These range from the affordable options right up to the highest luxury that you could ask for. On top of an incredibly fun atmosphere, there’s also a lot of culture to take in and sights to see.

Famed for its bright white houses and clear blue seas, Mykonos is an idyllic holiday destination. It is said that the island takes its name from its first ever ruler Mykons, a local hero, who was considered to be either the son or grandson of the god Apollo. There are numerous references to Mykonos in the Greek mythology and the island is supposed to be where the famous and epic battle between omnipotent Zeus and the fearful Titans took place.


The Island Of The Winds

Mykonos is already a firm favourite among the rich and famous and it’s not hard to see why. You don’t need to be a fan of architecture to enjoy the sight of whitewashed Cycladic buildings dotted along the vast hills of “The Island Of The Winds”.

Mykonos is really a destination for those who are looking for a bit of glamour on their holiday and is definitely a must visit for those who prioritise nightlife or shopping. There are lots of dance clubs which often feature world renowned DJs plus designer shops and boutiques for anyone that wants to treat themselves.

There’s certainly no lack of beaches in this part of Greece. Paradise Beach is the go to area for young couples or groups of friends. This is because of the extensive range of water sports on offer and bars that surround it. As for families and holiday makers who want more of a chilled out vibe, Ornos Beach is recommended. Why not just explore them all to get a taste of everything Mykonos has to offer?

Something For Everybody

Take the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos for example. This is full of fascinating artifacts and exhibits that date all the way back to prehistoric times. Or, if more modern culture is closer to your thing, the Rarity Gallery is the place to go and gaze upon contemporary art pieces from all over the world.

In fact, artists recognised by some of the greatest museums in the world, including the Guggenheim, the Met and the Tate London, regularly opt for the island as the place to present their latest paintings, sculptures, photography and video art creations.

Finally, a trip to the Little Venice (Mikri Venetia) quarter of the town should be the top of every food lover’s list thanks to its many seafood restaurants and gorgeous waterfront bars. Visitors are recommended to catch the sunset here with its view of the windmills.

While Mykonos is a party destination with 25 beaches packed with party goers during the peak months of July and August, when Mykonos doesn’t sleep, there is a quieter side to Mykonos too. For those looking to steer clear of the bright lights, Hora  or Mykonos Town, offers a more traditional look at Cycladic life. During the day, Hora is said to be ideal for world class gallery hopping as well as boasting some impressive dining options.

Beach, seafronts, marinas, high quality food and drink, accommodation, tourist attractions, attractiveness, shopping, entertainment, peace and quiet, safety, friendliness and value for money, Mykonos really does have something for everyone.