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Why Jeeps and Fashion Go So Well Together

Many don’t seem to realize how much fashion affects the motor industry. But when you look at the latest clothing trends, you’ll notice you can pair it with a specific type of car and vice versa. A good example is a Jeep. You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo when you are driving one. You would want something that can fit the style of your car or something comfortable, especially if you like doing plenty of Jeep events. But, if you are wondering why Jeeps and fashion go so well together, continue reading this article.

The Instagram Effect

One of the reasons why people like to match their fashion with their Jeeps is because of aesthetics. Don’t just pick random clothes inside your closet. You will need the right ones to look cool, especially if you like posting on social media platforms like Instagram.

Yes, Instagram is not just for cute animals and smoothie bowls. It’s also where plenty of influencers like to flex their styles and cars. So if you have a Jeep, you’d want to match it with your fashion to complement your feed.

This certainly isn’t anything new. Fashion influencers make money based on their image and brand. But there is no reason for you to choose dull aesthetics. After all, you won’t just use your Jeep to get from point A to point B. You would want to enjoy riding it, too.

Major Fashion Label and Jeeps

The relationship between the car industry and fashion is not always subtle. There have been major fashion brands that made an impact on the design of a car. For example, in 1984, Lacoste and Peugeot collaborated to create a sports-inspired design, which became incredibly successful. 

So it’s not surprising for a major label to dip its toes in the world of Jeep design, especially when many people come to join Jeep events. It’s a good way to raise interest in their brand and pave the way to a new market. 

Sports Fashion

With the pandemic almost over, health officials are now encouraging people to go outside and get active. So people can get back into shape from all those times stuck in their homes. So it’s expected that a rise in sports and athletic clothes will rise in recent years, with people both wanting to wear something comfortable and stylish. And with more people wanting to buy sportswear, the demand for outdoor vehicles will also rise. 

Sportswear brands are even collaborating with car manufacturers to create sporty vehicles. For example, Castore, which Andy Murray part-owns, recently collaborated with McLaren to create a new vehicle. Castore has even released a clothing range with McLaren to promote their collaboration. 

Jeeps as Fashion Influencers

The car and fashion industries have always viewed their design as exclusive art forms. They both want eye-catching, colorful, and beautiful designs that can attract interest from customers. And with Jeep manufacturers creating unique vehicles for their customers, the fashion industry can get inspiration from these and create a new line of clothing to match them. 

Besides aesthetics, the fashion industry is also known for creating bags and other accessories to go along with specific types of cars. For example, Goats Trail has created a new line of clothing specifically catered to off-road enthusiasts. 


Both the fashion and car industries take a large chunk of the consuming market. And with so many Jeep-loving Americans, it would be a waste for the fashion industry not to grab this opportunity to create awesome and unique clothing for Jeep lovers and maybe even collaborate with Jeep manufacturers to solidify their relationships. That said, it’s no wonder why Jeeps and fashion go so well together.