Why is Communication Important in a Relationship?
August 23, 2021

Why is Communication Important in a Relationship?

Communication is another huge aspect of any relationship. A 2019 poll revealed that communication issues are the most significant element that causes divorce or split among couples.

A perfect definition for communication would be the act of expressing or transmitting beliefs, information, and sentiments. Nonetheless, effective communication is not everybody's forte as many would only love to talk.

Relationship expert, Bruno J., says, learning to articulate yourself positively and enabling your partner to do the same while you listen carefully is the best way couples can use communication to sustain a happy relationship.

Moreover, understanding nonverbal cues and giving room for conversations with your significant other are helpful ways to improve your communication skill.

See reasons why communication is important and why you should master the art:

Communication Important in a Relationship

1. Helps You Understand Expectations

When couples discuss their future ambitions, goals, and even values, it helps them to be precise about what to anticipate in the future.

Relationship therapist, James Hue put it this way, "couples can effectively prevent argument when they're open about their plans and desires. Besides, some couples are separated because they're unable to support their partner's ambition and dreams since they come out of the blue. So keep honesty within the core of your conversation."

Ask questions like, would you rather be a stay-at-home parent or pursue an ambition? Would you rather retire in a rural or urban area? Do you prefer an open relationship? Would it be okay to use phone chatlines while we're in a relationship?

This honest discussion would help couples not to feel disrespected or shocked about each other's actions and enjoy a smoother relationship.

2. You Spend Less

There's always a sacrifice for not communicating properly since poor communication causes fractions between couples.  In worse cases, it could lead to a strained relationship that could require booking sessions with a relationship therapist.

To avoid spending on a peace offering, say flowers, or planning for surprises, whether for upsetting your partner with your words, actions, or inactions, use communication to get to know them better.

3. It Reduces Misunderstanding

New York-based Dating expert, Floyd Young says misunderstanding amongst couples occurs most of the time because of lack of proper communication. Couples who have grown to understand each other have mastered the art of proper dialogue, therefore, they spend less time resolving unnecessary issues.

If you don't fancy bickering as a couple, learn to communicate as often as you can. Never assume your partner can figure you out.

4. Enables Emotional Support

Life is no bed of roses. So building a relationship through great communication helps partners to enjoy emotional support during a personal crisis.

Consequently, couples who relay their troubles to their significant other don't have to rely on alcohol, drugs, or adopt other harmful habits to get through hard times.

So, it's important to ask about your partner's day, why they're moody, and listen carefully to them.

5. It Brings Openness Between Couple

By learning to communicate effectively, you can become more open to each other. This is because constant communication helps to express your innermost feelings as a couple.

Never let a quiet moment persist for long. Endeavor to speak up to ignite your partner's openness, too.

Nonetheless, remember that complete openness will only happen over time and not suddenly. So keep the conversation going.

6. Improves Health

"Misunderstanding and arguments are significant causes of anger, stress, anxiety, and even high blood pressure," says Michael New, a clinical therapist.

Strengthening communication can help couples to reduce their chances of feeling agitated and treating health problems.

Moreover, when couples can communicate their feelings to each other, during their sick moments they can help foster each other's health rather than worsening it.

7. Helps Couple to Bond Better

The couples who have successfully honed their communication skill enjoy the highest form of intimacy thereby reducing their chances of cheating.

Whether emotionally, physically, or sexually, a communicating couple can always express themselves effectively in these areas to facilitate a stronger bond. So when spouses are confronted with the issue of lack of intimacy, they need to improve their communication first both passively and assertively.

8. Helps to Make Your Partner Happy

No human comes with a manual. That's why it's nearly impossible to understand your partner's need per time unless they talk about it.

Improving your communication enables you to learn about and meet their everyday desires. Ultimately giving them a reason to be happy in your relationship.

9. Brings Respect

Communication is a great manner to know your partner's boundaries. By giving room for conversations you can discover how to avoid getting on their toes say through your jokes, sarcasm, actions, or words.

10. Helps You Share Your Happiness with Your Partner

As humans, we're not only designed to share our troubles with others, we also love to share happy moments with the ones we love.

Couples who communicate effectively can comfortably express their joy to their partner without nursing any doubt about whether they'd be happy for them or not.

Besides, the habit of sharing your happy moments with each other will help you two become your biggest cheerleaders.

11. Effective Time Management

By choosing to communicate at the appropriate time without procrastinating your we-need-to-talk moment, you'd be preventing wasting each other's time to resolve an old issue.

This habit, this, helps couples to be more productive.

12. Help You Focus on the Present

Ineffective communication such as outbursts and arguments makes couples worry about what they didn't say or could have said better. This, therefore, derail their focus and concentration whether at work or home until they can revisit their unresolved issue.

A good communication skill would save you this stress. Therefore, learn to master the art.

13. You Grow Together

Your ability to discuss your goals and visions to the understanding of your partner will determine how passionate they're in giving you their support.

Couples who seem to be rooting for each other do so because they are on the same page and fully understand the genuineness and benefit of their partner's actions.

14. You Discover a New You

Other parts of you might not be open to you. However, this unseen side can blossom during conversations.

By talking constantly to your partner, they can help you to see who you are and even bring your attention to their discovery, whether good or bad, to enable you to become a better person.

15. You Learn From Each Other

Indeed no one is an island of knowledge. However, by having regular discussions with your spouse, you are opportune to learn from them as much and you gain some insights, too.

"Couples who communicate as they should would most time operate on the same level of wisdom because they've grown to learn from each other. Also, functioning on similar levels of understanding can prevent a breakup or divorce," says Alberto Sangalli, a marriage counselor and miami realtor.

With the above advantages, it's obvious that maintaining a good communication habit with your partner is crucial to having a happy and healthy relationship. Only remember to talk and listen during your discussions. Don't make them feel unheard, and also ensure that they can trust that you use the words they speak or the feelings they express to better your relationship. That way, you can encourage communication in your relationship and enjoy the benefits.