Why Hong Kong is The Coolest Place To Visit and Where To Go
December 12, 2019

Why Hong Kong is The Coolest Place To Visit and Where To Go

The skyscrapers are just a small portion of the amazing man-made and natural sites to visit and experience in Hong Kong.

Known as the perfect place that blends technology with ancient history, there is so much to explore! Here are some of the places you will find fascinating and things to do.

Why Hong Kong is The Coolest Place To Visit and Where To Go

Pearl River Delta to Connect to Mainland China

This is the second-longest bridge in the world, built to connect Hong Kong and other nine mainland Chinese cities.

The cities make up the PRD urban area, which is the largest of its kind in the world. By using the Pearl River Delta, you can connect to the rest of China for a longer journey, providing you applied for a visa!

Temple Street Night Market

Too busy to shop during the day? The Temple Street Night Market will offer you a night full of diverse items to purchase.

It is a famous spot for many movies shot in Hong Kong. You can find anything and everything in this market, live out your Hollywood dream while you are at it!

Why Hong Kong is The Coolest Place To Visit and Where To Go

Tian Tian Buddha

Finally completed around 1993, this is Budha Shakyamuni's enormous bronze statue and can be found on Lantau Island at the Ngong Ping. The statue was carved to elaborate on the significance of the relationship between nature and man.

Repulse Bay

If you head down to the southern side of Hong Kong’s Island, you will come by Repulse Bay. It has been defined as one of the most expensive pieces of land in the world today. You can have a touch of both an urban life and one surrounded by nature, all in one location.

Lan Kwai Fong

With its significance going back before World War II, this is a street known for its night-long busy activities. If you love partying throughout the night, you will find several bars and dance locations on this street.

Tai O Fishing Village

You might have only heard about the historical fishing lifestyle of the Chinese, but this village will give you a live guide. Though among the few remaining fishing villages around, it is still rich in the fisherman’s culture. You can enjoy a few local meals as well

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The temple was built as a dedication to the Wong Tai Sin, a great immortal in the Hong Kong historical culture. It is not just a shrine; it is also a great tourist attraction site. Locals believe that many prayers have been answered at the temple hence Kau Chim practice.

Lamma Island

To get away from the busy city life, you can head down to Lamma Island. The island allows you to feel the embrace of nature and lay down on its deserted beaches. It is also a good place for long walks as there are no cars!

Nathan Road

This is Hong Kong’s most colorful street, thanks to the neon shop lights almost on every building, it’s hard to miss! This is probably the most photographed street in Asia and is located in the commercial center of Tsim Sha Tsui. 

It’s common that people go on vacation to Hong Kong and end up falling in love! A place mixed with Asian and European such as Hong Kong is a place not to miss. The best part is you can access the rest of Asia and Australia from this major global hub!