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Why Dogs Will Always be Man’s Best Friend

Those that have had a dog in their lives before understand why they are called man’s best friend.

Dogs will always be our companion as they have been for many centuries and they can enrich our lives in many different ways. So, in case you didn’t know before, here are just a few reasons why dogs are our best friend.


Man and dog have existed as close companions for a very long time. The friendship has lasted around 15,000 years when canines followed a man through migrations in East Asia.

The strong bond was formed because both man and dogs are social creatures who benefit being around others. It has been a long journey since then with man and dog always being side by side.

Can Help with Our Lives

Over the course of this long friendship, there are many areas of life where dogs have been of great assistance.

Dogs have helped man in many different areas with just a few examples including hunting, protection, crime prevention, mental health problems, helping those that are visually impaired and many other areas where humans would ordinarily struggle. Dogs are highly trainable creatures and it is easy to see them being used more and more to help with important areas of modern life. Find protection trained dogs for sale that are highly skilled and trained to protect family and home.


Leading on from this, one of the main reasons that people have dogs in their lives is the fact that they can be so comforting and affectionate.

There is nothing better after a hard day than coming home to your beloved dog who can make you laugh and provide a great deal of comfort. Dogs are, usually, very happy creatures which mean that they are enjoyable to be around and a good source of humour.

Two-Way Relationship

Of course, the relationship is not one-sided and dogs need us as much as we need them. Dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves but since they have become domesticated they need us to survive in terms of providing not only food but love and attention.

This means that if you take on the responsibility to own a dog then you must be able to look after it, provide a comfortable home and provide enough attention. You can purchase dog beds and other similar items from places like Orvis and it is then a case of providing the same love that the dog shows you as part of our symbolic relationship.

The relationship between dog and man is a beautiful one which dates back many years and will certainly continue far into the future. Both species have benefited greatly from being side by side for so long and dogs can help in so many areas of our life whether this is saving lives or simply putting a smile on our face after a tough day at work.

Why Dogs Will Always be Man’s Best Friend