Why Do We Like Watching Sports?
January 24, 2019

Why Do We Like Watching Sports?

Nothing brings together people on a mass global scale like sports competitions. Even people that don't enjoy exercising or participating in sports activities find themselves glued to their television sets when their favourite rugby, basketball, baseball or football games are televised.

Sports fans worldwide faithfully watch every match that features their favourite players, but why is that? What is the mystery that lurks beneath our love of sports?

We Identify With The Winners

When a sports fan watches their favourite game on TV, they themselves feel like the winner and can directly identify with the players. When Maria Sharapova or Rafael Nadal helps their team win thanks to their precision, fans feel as if they were a part of the match itself versus an objective viewer.

Winning athletes get plenty of public recognition for their contributions and are constantly interviewed and featured in media publications. By being featured in prominent media, sports fans can see the winning formula in action. UEFA Cup is viewed by worldwide football fans, even those that can't even play the sport, because they feel a sense of shared identity with the players.

We Feel Excited About Unpredictability

There are few things in life that are predictable, but sports fans know that is not true for sports. You never know how a match will end, and for that reason, you give it your undivided attention 'til the end.

You don't want to miss any moves because they can serve as a crucial turning point for the game. You can guess as to the winner and the outcome, but you will never know unless you watch!  For many people, betting on these sporting events is quite the thrill too. Handicappers exist just to help people get informed and make better predictions. Check out Doc's NFL picks to get an idea of this for yourself.

We Feel Proud Of Our National Identity

The beautiful thing about sports is that it hones national identity and patriotism. Take, for example, the British that loves watching Chelsea and Liverpool groups. Every win and every failure players feel deeply as if it were their own. When people consider national identity, sports are always the first to be mentioned.

Sports can help us live vicariously through athletes, feel excited about upcoming games, and give new meaning to our national identity. It's not easy to explain why we love sports so much, but the thrill of watching sports like tennis or soccer will never go away.

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Why Do We Like Watching Sports?