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Why Businesses are Chartering Private Jets Over Commercial Flying

Most of us associate the world of private jet travel with only the richest of the rich. A-list celebrities, blue-chip CEOs and oil tycoons tend to be the sort of people that spring to mind.

While those types are still very much a part of the demographic, the private jet is steadily becoming more accessible to a wider audience, and one of the key groups utilising chartered services more often is the world of business.

Why are more businesses turning to the private life? It boils down to three key areas. Luxury is, of course, one, but the real advantages lie in added convenience and efficiency.


The main hassle in commercial flight surrounds the time and effort involved in travel to and from airports and the check-in process. In business terms, time is money, so the less spent going through airport security, the better.

Private jets can be chartered from hundreds of smaller airports around the country. This means you’ll likely be able to access your flight from your nearest runway. Even if you do have to go to a large airport, chartered jets depart from a Fixed Base of Operation (FBO); a smaller facility attached to the larger airport which you can more or less drive up to.

No check-in, no baggage handling process and no waiting for others. Oh, and if you’re late, it’s your plane, so they’ll wait for you.


Reducing the check-in process down to a few minutes has obvious operational benefits, but businesses will also find added efficiency in the privacy afforded by the service.

Jets are chartered only for the lead passenger and their chosen guests, meaning business groups are given an optimal working environment. Teams can, uninterrupted and confidentially, hold meetings, work privately and take advantage of online connectivity services to make business calls, meaning travel doesn’t impede normal operations as a commercial flight would.

People traveling to Nevada for business often take these options. Hopping onto Las Vegas charter flights will get business owners to their destination in record time, without having to deal with long lines and crowds at commercial airlines. Even during peak times, private jets have flexibility in travel times and routes to accommodate changes in the itinerary.


Of course, the thing we typically associate most with private flying is luxury, and the added comforts that come with the service add further benefits to a business trip.

If there’s no work to be done, those on board can enjoy a relaxing trip involving a host of online entertainment, premium food options and even beds for overnight flights. Businesses can also take advantage of such perks to entertain high profile clients they’re looking to build relationships with, as well as using them to treat their staff.

With secure parking, bags loaded for you and transport waiting for passengers both on departure and arrival, staff can expect to hit the ground running when they land, refreshed and ready to continue their work.

Chartered services save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity and, with prices becoming more accessible for users, businesses are beginning to see private travel as a cost-effective measure in their commercial operations.