Why are You Always Tired? - Top 4 Reasons and How can CBD Help?
June 21, 2019

Why are You Always Tired? - Top 4 Reasons and How can CBD Help?

If you feel tired at work the entire day and you need to sip through many cups of tea and coffee to get your work done, then it is high time you change certain aspects of your life in order to increase your energy level.

We have listed below the most common reasons why you must be feeling tired and how to deal with it.

You are Not Well Rested:

If you do not get your 8 hours of sleep, your body will not restore over the night which may make you feel tired the next day. There are many people who complain that they sleep for 8-9 hours but they still feel tired.

It may be because you are not sleeping in a relaxed state of mind, but your sleep is disturbed every night due to physical discomfort or too much of watching electronic screen.

Try to create a comfortable environment in your bedroom to seep and do not eat just before you go to bed. Also, stay away from electronic devices for half an hour before you go to bed.

Your Sugar Intake is High:

Too much of sugar intake causes a sugar rush and leads to other health issues such as weight gain or other diseases like diabetes which in turn spoils your body functionality and makes you feel tired.

Limit your glucose and carb intake every day and follow a well-balanced diet to help your body function better which will improve your energy levels.

You Don't Exercise Enough:

Not getting enough workout means you are not using your energy hence you may think that your energy levels will go up but ironically it may lower your overall energy level.

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle feel tired and low the entire day whereas others who workout, feel fresh and energetic because workout improves the blood flow in the body and keeps you fit which helps your body function better and maintain good energy levels.

If you lead a sedentary life, you may find it difficult to sleep, whereas people who do more physical activity can sleep within minutes and get a better quality of sleep hence they feel more energetic in the daytime thereby do include at least 30 minutes of workout every day in your schedule.

You may Have Hormonal Issues or Underactive Thyroid:

If your hormone levels are disturbed, then that may be one of the reasons why you feel lethargic the entire day. The thyroid is a gland which regulates your body hormones if the thyroid does not function properly, you may face hormonal issues which may lead to feeling tired.

Get yourself tested and see a doctor who can help you balance your thyroid levels and hormones to get you back to a normal lifestyle.

You May be Stressed or Depressed:

If you are stressed or depressed, your mind is always worried, and your mental condition is unstable which may lead to insomnia as well that may result in feeling tired always.

Depressed people feel unmotivated and they enjoy nothing as they feel hopeless, all this heavy feeling makes them fatigue.

If you feel the same, you should contact a therapist immediately who can help you get through this phase of your life.

CBD Products to Boost Your Energy Levels:

You are not a machine and it is ok to feel tired sometimes but if you feel tired most of the time without really doing much, then you should immediately look for some remedy. Using native CBD products help you relax, increase your energy levels and improve your performance as well.

If you find the right reasons and treatment of your tiredness, you can enjoy a healthy and energetic life most people wish for.