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Why are photo booths so popular? Find out here.

Everyone has their own camera, regardless if it is from their smartphone or they have that 50-millimetre lenses and DSLR on their hand.

Smartphone developers already identified that people love taking pictures, so they have pushed the boundaries of smartphone cameras for the past years where people can enjoy its features that are at par with a professional camera.

However, low key that is still being very popular up to this day is photo booths which do not only exist in shopping malls and theme parks, but also in different activities, events, or affairs, but for the past years, photo booths have popped up on different occasions like weddings, birthdays, and even corporate events which are usually the centre of attention for most people who attend. 

This does not even make sense considering that a lot of people are holding their own cameras that can take pictures anywhere and anytime, but there is something in photo booths that even the most expensive smartphone cameras cannot replace, and that is fun and memories. 

If you would notice, there is no modern events or parties that are complete if there is no good food, fun people, booze, and most of all a photo booth. Even though the holiday season is still months away, which means that photo booth fleets are not that in-demand, however, they are still very popular for different occasions.

In recent years, photo booths have become a common fixture for many events regardless if it is personal or corporate affairs and it is also one of the best evidence you can show to your friends and upload on your social media accounts that you have partied hard that night.

So, why are photo booths being still very popular? Check out some useful insights and informative details about it below courtesy of Kande Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles. 

·         Still intimate- Photo booths provide a sense of intimacy for a lot of people because it forces people to be together in a confined space just to take a picture while taking a picture is very social which means you can get along with people who you have not talked to for months or even years or have a picture with your best pals that you have not seen for months as well which creates memories.

·         Memorabilia- Speaking of memories, getting a picture at a photo booth during an affair or a party is very memorable especially when you were able to hang out with people who are close to your heart. Once the picture is printed, you can always frame it and hang it in the best spot in your house or office. You can even post it on your social media account and tag along those who are in the picture or get soft copies of it and store them in your drive or cloud.

·         Social media integration- Photo booths are more advanced than what you have thought it be because it is already integrated with social media such as Facebook and Instagram where pictures are the common posts of its users. You can even use some photo-oriented services to further enhance and tag more people to the pictures that were taken at the photo booth the night before.

Why are photo booths so popular? Find out here.