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Why are MVMT Watches So Demanding These Days

History repeats itself. In the case of MVMT watches, it has taken the time-piece as a medium to convey a message on human nature and its ability to keep on reinventing things and add a signature to stamp its authority on time.

History remembers the brave and visionaries for bringing ease to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The new age entrepreneurs tread on similar paths.

They take the inspiration from the existing system, introduce disruptive technology and create something useful and beneficial for everyone associated. Entrepreneurs have ideas and concepts as a means of change to make the world a better place.

In several ways, entrepreneurs are social heroes. They're social change makers. It's their vision and approach which delights people, inspires others to follow their hearts and dreams. The success story of MVMT watches is another beautiful tale coming straight from the digital vault.

1. MVMT Watches Discovered Time Lost in the Dunes of Memory

Finding inspiration in darkest of the times or places is a rare gift or divine playing the anchor to show you the path towards the social change. There have been so many positives to take from the success story of MVMT.

Rejected by a popular crowdfunding site twice, became the second-best funded fashion brand on another, direct selling to customers, digital-presence alone, influencer-based marketing strategy, personal experience of watch-buying inspired a business idea and another successful startup came into being.

Have you ever wondered you wanted to buy something desperately and get rejected either because of lack of money or cheap quality on offer? Meet the startup duo of MVMT- Jack Kassan and Kramer LaPlante.

The vision of these entrepreneurs brought a radical shift to the industry. They broke the monopoly of some of the biggest brands in the world and created something beautiful along the way. You couldn't stop yourself from talking about the elegance and design simplicity of MVMT watches.

Who likes to wear an analogue watch in the digital era? The due utilised the digital storytelling and influencers' program to create a market for these watches. It's interesting to see how digital was instrumental in the comeback of analogue watches after a long period. Another striking point was targetting the millennials. The company showed an ambitious plan and accomplished it.

We can sit down and talk about each one of them in detail. One thing we know is the popularity of these watches underlines a common observation: The brand has reinvented time in so many ways.

We've forgotten the art of buying and wearing quality watches. We considered them an occasion-based or reserved them for special events in life. We missed the presence terribly. The Smartphone made them obsolete in no time. The end was nigh. It was coming for a long time.

2. The Master Craftsmanship of MVMT Watches and Test of Time

What does design speak? It tells us of its quality, purity. The MVMT watches have everything you could ask in a watch except the price tag. It's the master craftsmanship riddled with the timeless spirit to bring a smile on the faces of people by virtue of honesty, excellent customer service.

Every single time-piece has a distinctive appearance to remind you of the fact the design is the same you've fallen out of love over the years. It's the new body with the same spirit that has brought you back.

Such is the level of the magnificence of these wristwatches. They create an instant impression with centuries of history behind. The audience finds it their responsibility to continue the tradition, revive the art of wristwatch-making. The idea of wearing a wristwatch has found its way back in the mainstream culture.

The designs worked on the simplicity aspect of a wristwatch. It's the last product you would want to have extra features you stop using it for the purpose you've bought it.

The MVMT watches have re-introduced the concept of simplicity and bare minimum features to draw silence from different hands (of the wristwatch) functioning in tandem with the mood.

The team created the demand factor without doing anything ridiculously different. The team focused on making watches which did not only look luxurious but offered competition in terms of design, build quality and price.

The exceptional customer support team and customer-first return policy made it a favourite among millennials and other sections of the society. What happened next is wristwatches became a part of the corporate and personal lifestyle at work and home.

The first biggest hurdle was to identify the target audience. The digital footprint inspired the team to create digital-only marketing strategies to reach out to customers.

The after-sales and customer support team were the other two areas they wanted to carry the legacy forward, build the foundations upon.

3. The Success Bandwagon and Spirit of Doing the Right Thing

Everyone wants to associate with success. The list of growing fans of the MVMT watches has one more reason to buy time-pieces.

They, like anybody else, are fascinated by how two young minds looked at the wristwatch industry and changed it with the touch of an alchemist.

What they changed is the desire on the part of the manufacturer to put these watches on every single hand out. People are happy wearing wristwatches again for a change.

The affordability aspect has opened up a new section within the existing market to expand its boundaries.

The case study of the MVMT watches carries an underlying tone of emotional connection and an ever-present need to have a watch on the wrist and not to look for time anywhere else but hands. The wristwatch has found its place on the wrist again.

The MVMT watches are building its own legacy. You would find every single aspect associated with watch buying experience seamlessly connected with the same feeling of excellence through different stages.

You'd have the impression of knowing or talking to one person throughout the shopping experience. By the time you receive the delivery of your favourite wristwatch, you've already fallen in love with the brand. It's time for you now to fall in love with the product.

You begin the journey with a new set date, time and place in your life. The fans love wearing this brand for similar reasons. It's the style and comfort they've missed for so long they forgot whether it was there or not. The MVMT watches have somehow triggered the wristwatch wearing passion.

The massive popularity shows how badly people have missed right wristwatches offered at the right price. The genius of the founders is to find the broken link and build a business concept to bridge the gap by acting as the one.

They took the responsibility upon themselves to offer luxurious watches to everyday people at prices they'd never heard of before. They emphasized on quality to create a brand and helped people enjoy wearing watches again.

The fans have made the MVMT watches a loved product across several countries. They got connected with the tradition of wearing the wristwatch before they tested and tried the product. We're a generation that has helped one of the oldest traditions make a successful comeback in the digital age. 

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