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Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?

Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?

The interest in martial arts is surprisingly growing stronger today than ever. But for those who have only seen martial arts in the movies before, it can be difficult to find the right one.

We have therefore compiled a guide in this article that will make things clear for you next time you decide to start training one of them seriously. Take a closer look at each and one of them and think carefully before making a step further towards the fighting exercising.


Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?

Kickboxing classes kids has many similarities to regular boxing, but here it is also allowed with kicking. There are five different branches within kickboxing, but common to all is that hits to every part of the body are allowed.

It is important to note that the lower part of your bodies such as feet and knees take the most serious pressure. Therefore it is highly advisable to obtain a modern hinged knee brace to protect some of the vital parts of your body. In addition, the rules vary for different kicks, knees, and hits with a hand.  

The matches in kickboxing look a little different, depending on the class in which you compete. A match in amateur kickboxing is going on for 3x2 minutes with one-minute rest between the rounds.

In every branch of kickboxing, you are equipped with protection over the foot and tibia. You also carry head protection, suspensor, gloves, and dental protection. But, as we mentioned earlier if you want to casually train it is also advisable to protect your knees.

The right choice for you if: You Want to be strong, sustainable and train your entire body. During the training, protective equipment and level are always adjusted according to your knowledge. Suitable for both the regular athlete and casual sportsman. Expect many tough physical sessions!


Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?

Boxing is considered the absolute oldest martial art. Here only blows to the upper body and the head are allowed. Two practitioners meet in the ring, where each round is three minutes, and with one-minute rest between the rounds. In amateur boxing, practitioners wear headgear, gloves and dental protection. In professional boxing, only gloves and tooth protection are used.

The right choice for you if: You want to be more durable and increase your basic touch. Boxing is a form of training that suits most people, regardless of the previous background in training. Whether you are looking to become the new Mike Tyson or just get a little more excited, the oldest martial art will find a way to entertain you.

Muay Thai

Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?

Muay Thai, more known as Thai boxing, is one of the martial arts whose popularity is growing rapidly recently. Thai boxing is based on a couple of basic techniques that are adjusted and refined to the limit. In this form of martial arts blows with fists, elbows, and knees are allowed, as well as kicks and grips.

Just as in kickboxing, the matches in the Thai boxing look different depending on which class you are competing in. But the real matches in Thai boxing are 5x3 minutes and the only protection you wear is tooth protection, suspensor, and gloves.

The right choice for you if:  You are not afraid of bruising, blood taste in the mouth and hard training. Thai boxing training is based on various stroke and kicking techniques where you train for coordination, endurance, and full body strength.


Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?

MMA or Mixed martial arts, is a blend of techniques from kickboxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, and grappling. Grappling means that you can use your hands (grapple) and throw your opponent. In MMA, the matches are in a so-called octagon, instead of in a ring like the other martial arts. The octagon is a closed octagonal cage with metal mesh-clad in vinyl.

The match length is 2x5 minutes with 90 seconds rest between the rounds. The equipment you wear during a match is gloves, leg protection, suspensor, and dental protection. Strokes, kicks, and knees against the head, body, and legs are allowed both standing and in active ground position. Throwing, dismantling, hinged locks and strangulations (streaking) are also permitted.  

The right choice for you if: You want to have the most out of the martial arts. Since MMA is a mixture of most martial arts, it is hard work for the whole body that applies. So it's not about going into a cage and being beaten four days a week but also hard training and self-discipline.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, BJJ, has its origins in the traditional judo (which in turn evolved from Japanese jujutsu). BJJ is, for the most part, a "ground combat sport", where you use wrestling with various locks, dismantles, throws and smears.

In BJJ it is not allowed to use any kind of stroke or kicking, these actions occur in warning or disqualification. Matches in BJJ are performed in a gi (judo suit), and a match lasts for five minutes. Visit here for more BJJ conditioning tips.

Do not like punches and kicks, but are more hungry for exercise that enhances mobility, makes you smoother and improves coordination.

The right choice for you if: You do not like punches and kicks but hard exercise that enhances mobility, makes you smoother and improves coordination.

This Martial art is a good training option for those who are tired of just going to the gym and want to train through the whole body in just one training session.

All form of martial arts training is based on the practitioner's knowledge and is performed together with experienced coaches and is, therefore, a safe form of training.

Which Martial Art Suits Your Character the Best?



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