Leather Jacket
January 02, 2023

Which Leather Jacket Is Most Durable?

Leather Jacket

If you are looking to furnish your wardrobe then choosing leather jacket is a must. However you might have noticed that there are different types of leather jackets available in the market. Choosing the right type of leather jacket is something of a necessary task. 

There are many types of leather jackets from biker jacket which is also known as motorcycle jacket, Aviator jacket also famous with the name Bomber jacket or flight jacket, scooter jackets known as racing jackets, blazer jacket for making a fashion statement or a trucker jacket.

All these jackets are worn by people of all ages according to their event requirements.

The real question is that which leather jacket is the most durable.

Real leather jacket last long and is very comfortable to wear. It is usually a math that the more the jacket is heavier the more genuine it will be. It is not the case as the real leather will always be noticeable from its material.

Let's talk about different sorts of leather and how durable authentic and tough they are:

Cowhide leather

The cow hide leather is be most Supreme quality of leather which is said to be the most durable. Due to its properties it does not wear and tear easily. It is a thick material that protects well from cold weather. It is also heavy in weight which makes it more stronger and Resilient to Harsh weather conditions. During the 1920 this type of jacket was used as a motorcycle jacket. case you are living in a colder region where you need to have a strong and tough jacket to protect you then this is the right choice for you keeping in mind that it can get difficult for you to carry due to its heavy weight. It is water resistant and dust resistant and very durable form of a jacket.


Deerskin is a material similar to that of cowhide but it differs from cowhide in terms of its softness and not being too heavy. It is considered one of the best leather types after the cow hide. Dear skin feels so soft and comfortable upon wear as it has a smoother texture when compared to cow hide. Deerskin is highly preffered in the making of gloves. Along with that it is used in the manufacturing of jackets, quotes, bags and shoes. The rare skin of the deer is expensive yet very exclusive. When you purchase deerskin leather then keep in mind that you are about to wear one of the prestigious fabric which is quiet expensive to buy. Deerskin leather has a soft and spongy feeling. It has a lightweight and it is highly durable. It is considered one of the strongest forms of leather.


Calfskin is more firm and thick than lambskin and it can tolerate harsh climate conditions better than lambskin. It is very firm so it is mainly best used for bags, shoes , wallets, and other types of accessories, as it is a tough sort of leather. It is usually cheaper and affordable as compared to other leather.

Lambskin leather

Then comes a soft and buttery leather which is less durable as compared to cow leather but it can shape well on the body due to its soft texture. It is best used for coats and jackets as it fits well to the body shape. The very delicate, soft and supple leather provides a good warmth. As compared to other leather, lambskin is thinner. Lambskin leather is delicate and it demands to be taken care of properly.  If taken care of lambskin, then it can last up to many years. In terms of durability it is best used in upholstery and other applications. When in clothing this leather is preffered in terms of jackets because of ita softness and because every season fashion changes and people preffer to dispose it off and buy different ones according to the ongoing trend. 

Full grain leather

Full grain is a type of leather where the leather contains all its layers and imperfections. It is not treated nor any of its layers is removed. It is slightly expensive due to its quality and its grainy natural texture. It happens so that a full green leather product may look uneven such as at some parts the leather may look bold and at some parts it may look dull. Full grain leather is not split unlike any other leather and due to which it is more durable and more stronger than any other leather. 

Top grain leather

If full grain leather and top grain leather will be compared with each other then the appearance may look the same but their quality differs. In Top grain leather the leather is split when processed , therefore it may lack the natural ability which full grain leather has. In this the top upper leather layer is treated and made into a product while the lower layer which is known as suede, is seperated out and processed as suede leather products.

This product is not as tough as full grain leather but it is a durable product

Faux/Synthetic leather

Faux or synthetic leather does not come under genuine leather. It is not as stretchable or tear resistant as the real leather. However it gives the feel of a leather. Real leather last up to a lifetime whereas synthetic leather lasts up to 2 to 4 years after which it will wear and teat out. This type of leather is not as durable and it is said to be made of plastic. However faux leather is more durable than bonded leather.

They are easy to clean out. It is soft and supple. This leather type is water resistant and dirt resistant. In case you want to add a collection and variety to your wardrobe for a short span time where you can wear faux products for a few years and then dispose it off so that you can buy new ones according to the latest trends and fashion.