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Which Are The Best 3 Luxury Pens Every Men Should Love?

In an age where our lives have become almost entirely digital, there is a fast-growing new appreciation for items that take us back to life before phones and other devices. One of the items that has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last few years is the pen. Pens are one of the top items for gifting. They are gifted for all kinds of reasons—promotions, passing exams, reaching milestones. And there are now so many pens to choose from, there is one out there for every taste and purpose.

Luxury pens make extremely thoughtful gifts. They tend to be made from superior materials and have added features that make the pen even more convenient, effective and special. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the reasons why everyone should have a luxury pen, and what to look for when buying a luxury pen. We’ll also look at the three best pens you can choose when buying a gift for a man in your life. You may be a man who is looking for advice on buying a luxury pen. This article is for you too! Let’s get to it!

Why should we have a luxury pen?

There are lots of standard, inexpensive pens around that may serve us just fine. But the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is never truer than when you are searching for the right pen. Paying a little bit more for a pen will ensure you own a writing instrument that suits your writing style, your ability and your physiology perfectly, as well as making an accurate statement about who you are and what you stand for.

Luxury pens tend to be made with more superior materials such as stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. You can experiment with different finishes too, such as carbon fiber over a stainless steel body. The nib type you choose can also add a sense of luxury, and the more detail that has gone into the creation of the pen, the more likely it is to be able to mold itself to the way you write, becoming ‘yours’ in every possible way. In addition, pens are intimate instruments, often used to record valuable parts of your life. If you choose a good, luxury pen, it will become something you treasure and can pass down to other generations to treasure too.

What to look for in a luxury writing pen?

The main things to look for in a luxury writing pen are the weight, nib type and overall aesthetic. Heavier pens often have good glide across the paper, but if you are not used to writing a lot, they could weigh down your wrist and hand, making them tire sooner. If you don’t write so often, or you have weakness in your hand or wrist, look for a pen made of a lighter material such as aluminum or titanium. Next, the nib type is a very personal choice. Ballpoint pens are popular because they can be used easily in most situations, but fountain carry an extra air of luxury because of their classic nature. Luxury pens come in all shapes, size and colors, so it’s worth shopping around for one that has the right look and feel for you.

3 Best Luxury Pens Every Men Should Love

Fountain pen

The fountain pen is a real classic, often associated with particular, well-respected professions such as law, academia and finance. These are often gifted as items that can be treasured for years. Most men these days want to use their pens however, not keep them stored away in a box. The good news is, there are some good, robust and modern fountain pens available that can easily be used every day and even become part of your EDC kit.

Stainless steel ballpoint pen

If a ballpoint pen feels like a more adaptable and convenient pen, you’re in luck—there are lots of luxury ballpoint pens available to choose from. Stainless steel is a classic, high quality material. It is solid, durable, and reassuringly weighty, meaning it is designed to last a lifetime and can be handed down for many generations to come.

Titanium ballpoint pen

For men who don’t write too often but want to be seen with an EDC ballpoint pen that is equally as robust as stainless steel but with less weight, a titanium ballpoint pen is the perfect choice. They are sleek and timeless and can make a strong style statement about who you are.

The best advice we can give is to shop around, keeping the points above in mind. Buying a luxury pen is not something we do every day, yet the result of our decision could last us a lifetime, so it’s worth putting time and thought into this important purchase.