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When Your Wardrobe Becomes Hers: All the Clothes Your Girl Will Steal from You Sooner or Later

You think that your new girlfriend will stick to her own wardrobe and you won’t wake up one day looking for your favorite shirt, only to realize she left the week before wearing it.

Yes, girls have a tendency to take their boyfriend’s clothes and while you might sometimes find it annoying, you know they’re doing it because they want a piece of you with them at all times and because they want to show off that they are taken. But so that you can prepare, here’s what will most likely be missing from your closet:


When Your Wardrobe Becomes Hers: All the Clothes Your Girl Will Steal from You Sooner or Later

This is the most cliché, common item that a girl will take. One night she’ll be going home, she’ll tell you she’s cold, and you will give her your hoodie. That is when you say goodbye to it – it’s hers now.

You need to understand that women’s hoodies aren’t made to be loose, cozy and comfortable most of the time, so getting hold of a guy’s hoodie is like opening a world of comfort – plus, when they know they’re wearing something of yours, it makes it feel all the more special to cuddle up in it on a cold night.


An oversized button-up shirt can be worn in so many ways, and once again – you just can’t style a women’s shirt like you can a men’s. If it’s a plain colored, professional one, she might wear it as a dress, or tuck it in, roll up the sleeves and leave the top unbuttoned with a cami underneath.

If she’s really thrifty, she might even make it into a dress for a night out. And as for the more relaxed, checkered shirts, those are perfect for throwing on top instead of a jacket or tying around your waist for a rock-chick vibe.


When Your Wardrobe Becomes Hers: All the Clothes Your Girl Will Steal from You Sooner or Later

If you haven’t noticed, sportswear for women is almost always made to be skin-tight, short and overall very revealing. And while that can be convenient for some, many want to be a bit more covered when they’re working out.

So you might notice things like basketball shorts and workout T-shirts go missing, but don’t worry – when they return they will definitely smell better than after you’ve used them.


Dainty, light-chained watches are very much not in anymore, and they can look quite patronizing next to the massive men’s watches that are available and on-trend today. So don’t be confused if one day you see your girl wearing your watch.

Of course, it’s only possible if the watch has an adjustable strap, otherwise, it will fall right off. If you have a watch that means a lot to you, and you don’t want her taking it – just tell her, and she will surely leave it be. But if you have a collection and you don’t really care which one you wear on any given day – let her take them for a spin every now and then.

Ripped jeans

The cool look of always trendy ripped jeans hasn’t started in women’s fashion, although that’s where it’s currently more prominent. It actually started with men – working men, who would wear jeans to their jobs and get them worn out and ripped along the way.

It then migrated to become a fashion statement, but your ripped jeans might still be more attractive to your GF than her own. The “boyfriend jeans” isn’t just a fit, it did start by women wearing men’s jeans – and if you’re a similar enough size, she can make it work.

Oversized T-shirts

When Your Wardrobe Becomes Hers: All the Clothes Your Girl Will Steal from You Sooner or Later

Let’s save the best for last. No girl will willingly buy a T-shirt three sizes too big for herself – that’s what her boyfriend is there for. There are so many ways to style an oversized T-shirt, from belting it and just wearing it as a dress, tying it up to make it into a crop-top or tucking it in jeans for an ultra-casual look. And if it has some of the cool graphics that often appear only on men’s shirts – she has all the more reason to want to wear it. 

Remember that many of these “traditions” rely on the presumption that the guy is bigger and taller than his girlfriend, but this is definitely not always the case, and if you feel like there’s something wrong with you because your girlfriend can’t wear your clothes – you need to let that feeling go, because those are just stereotypes that will do more harm than good!

Clothes Your Girl Will Steal from You


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