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What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Lash Extensions Las Vegas Professional

Not everyone is gifted with long, beautiful lashes but thanks to the many advancements in technology, the beauty industry has come up with an invention that will help women achieve the lashes they have always wanted to have.

Want to make your eyes pop? A lash extensions Las Vegas professional can definitely help you.

Here’s everything you need to know before booking for a lash extensions Las Vegas service…

Eyelash extensions service is basically a process where the eyelash’s length is enhanced using natural or synthetic hair fibers. These extensions whose length is playing around 6mm to 17mm will be attached to the base of the client’s eyelash using the right kind of glue. As what lash extensions Las Vegas professionals say, lash extensions will help make the client’s eyes look fuller and enlivened.

What are lash extensions made of?

While there are lash extensions made of natural hair fibers, most lash extensions are made of nylon or other synthetic materials like mink and silk. The material can impact the output of the lash extensions. For instance, lash extensions made of mink yield a feather but lighter and more comfortable output which makes the variant one of the most expensive among the lash materials the market offers.

How are lash extensions attached?

Phase 1: Your Las Vegas lash extension professional will start the process by presenting to you a range of lash extension options. Once you have chosen a specific fiber material, the professional will then ask you about your preferences in terms of length and curl type.

Here’s the thing: lash extension experts are very much aware that the extension’s coil has to be compatible with your natural lashes to ensure a beautiful output. They also know that only certain types of lashes will look good on specific facial features.

That said, entrusting the job to a reliable lash extensions service provider in Las Vegas will give you that sense of security knowing you will be given an advice as to what lashes will suit you best. As the client, you should not hesitate either in communicating your preferences. If you want lashes that are naturally elegant looking, tell the professional about it as he or she knows what pair or type of lashes will look best on you.

Phase 2: Once your desired lashes and look are defined, your lash extension professional will then begin the actual lash extension process by taping your lower lashes to your skin. At the same time, the professional will place hydrating eye pads on your lashes’ top to stop the glue from leaking onto your eye’s lower part. Then once it is all set, using the essential tools such as a pair of tweezers and a glue, the application process will commence. The whole procedure will last from 1.5 to 3 hours.

To many women, eyelash extensions are a lifesaver. One of the things they love most about it is how the extension helps them achieve different lash styles. Most women opt for an understated, discreet look with lashes that are so beautifully noticeable for everyday use.

Meanwhile, some women want to be a little more extra, going for a more dramatic look, i.e. thick, long, bold lashes that have the most beautiful curls. Regardless of what group you belong to, it is vital to consider what your current lashes and how dramatic the change can turn out on you.

Before and on your appointment day, bear these tips in mind…

Tip #1: Be clear of your preference.

If you are having a hard time communicating your exact preference to your professional, take a screenshot instead of those influencers whose lashes are what you have been dreaming to have. 

Tip #2: Check the facility first before the actual day.

Most eyelash extension procedures last more than an hour and they can last up to 3 hours. A bathroom break in the middle of the procedure is highly discouraged. Now, if the facility makes you uncomfortable, it might want to make you pee from time to time, right? So, check the facility first and see to it that you are at ease in the area.

Tip #3:  No sort of eye make-up is allowed during the procedure.

Having your lashes extended with make-up on will affect the longevity of the lashes. So, if you do not want to spend for the re-service a bit sooner, then do remember to do your part - remove your eye make-up first before going to the procedure. This will include your eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. Aside from they can mislead the professional about the output, it will also hinder the adhesives from sticking properly.

Tip #4: Contact lens-wearing is also a big no.

If you are a contact lens wearer, do note that wearing them during the procedure is not allowed as the moisture that the lash extension glues will need to cure the lash after the procedure may not happen with your lens on as they are known to make your eyes feel drier.

Bring the case and a solution with you. However, if you cannot afford to remove them, you can ask permission to your professional if using some eye drop compound to retain the moisture is okay.

Tip #5. Be there at least 20 minutes early.

Of course, you always deserve such a kind of self-pampering but since your lashes will be the subject here, you will want to feel as relaxed as possible before the procedure starts to ensure the best output. That is something you cannot do by arriving late or in the nick of time.

Arriving early in the facility will help ease down your nerves; you will not feel flustered and stressed. Now, in case an emergency occurs, do not forget to prompt your Las Vegas lash extensions professional about it. You do not want to ruin the relationship too.

These tips are so simple; there is no reason for you not to follow. But most of all, make sure to entrust the job to the most trustworthy lash extensions professional in town. The result lies in that professional’s skill and expertise.