What you need to know about the best water purifier
June 27, 2019

What you need to know about the best water purifier

Commercial water purifiers are mainly used in the industrial sector and institutions where a huge amount of water required for a daily basis. Commercial Water Purifier has many filters, like a sand filter which clean the microorganisms from the water, Carbone filters, micron filters etc.

These filters clean all the dirt and impurities from the water. As the water goes through different layers and different filters, so it gave cleaned water which is pure up to 98%. As these water Purifiers used for commercial purpose, so for that reason, the structure and the purification process are different from normal water purifier or from domestic Purifiers.

Through commercial purifier, one can get clean and healthy water. It protects the water from different kind of water-borne diseases like diarrhea. Water Purifiers are made with reverse osmosis technology which cleans and remove all the dirt and impurities like tds and microbial contamination.

Commercial water Purifiers are based on UV Ray technology which kills all the microbial contamination because of UV rays sufficient to kill all the germs and stop the growth of the micro-organism which presents in the regular water. Commercial Water Purifier reduces all physical, chemical and biological germs from the water.

Advantages of Commercial purifiers

  1. Commercial water Purifiers are specially designed and it converts the hard water into soft water by cleaning all the germs and impurities from the water.
  2. It removes all the microorganisms and other harmful germs from the water.
  3. As it is used in the industrial sector and in big institutions, so for that reason, the quality of the water must be good. Commercial water purifiers are designs in such a way that it can clean 98% of the germs from the water and gave high-quality water for the workers. 
  4. It also saves the high cost of bottled water. If there is no water purifier in a company where a huge supply of water is required for a daily basis then the company should arrange bottled water which has a huge cost. Here come the commercial water purifiers which are supplies required amount of water in a very low cost.
  5. Commercial water purifiers are mainly used for the worker of the office or company where a huge number of worker work on a daily basis. Thus, they need good water for drinking purpose, commercial water purifiers supply good and healthy water in the canteen where food is cooking for the employees.
  6. Commercial water purifiers have a large level of the purification process and different layers, for that reason it cleans all the dirt as much as it can be reduced and supply pure water.

Impact in the industrial sector

As commercial water purifiers are specially designed for the industrial sector, so it has a great impact on the same. There are many reasons behind Industrial development and/or environmental degradation, one of those the main reason is a poor quality of water.

In the industrial sector workers and employees are the main pillar, if the workers not have good health or the health of the worker is not very well frequently then they cannot work as much as hard they can, then it is impossible to set up industry. So, the health of the worker is very important for the benefits of industry.

Nowadays many of the diseases are takes place due to the bad quality of water. Waterborne diseases are very much hard to cure. So, a healthy water supply in an industry is very much important.

Commercial water purifiers are designed only for the industrial sector that it can give pure, dirt free, healthy water for the workers and employees of the company at a low cost.

Components of water purifier

The main method which is used in a general water purifier is the reverse osmosis method. In Commercial water purifiers, UV technology method is used. For this system, the growth of the germs is stopped and it gave pure water. In a commercial water purifier, there are minimum 3 to 4 stages. Through these stages water purification in done. The stages are –

  1. Cold water valve- the valve collects cold water from the outside sources and it has a pipe which is attached to the inlet side of the purifier. This way water is collected.
  2. Pre-filter- these filters have more than one pre-filter. In the first chamber, the water enters into the RO system and the filters are sediment filters or carbon filters which cleans sands, silt, dirt and chlorine.
  3. RO system- this is a very important process in the water purification process. It cleans all the harmful components from the water. After this process, it goes to store tank from here.
  4. Post-filters- here a carbon filter clean all the remaining dirt and odors from the water.
  5. Check valve- it prevents the backward-flow.
  6. Flow restrictor- it helps to keep the up pressure in the water on the inlet side of the purifier.
  7. Storage tank- here 2 to 4 gallons of water is stored.

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The installation of water purifier is provided by the customer care services of the respective company. Experts visit the office and inspect all the things.

They work as per customers need and preferences. Customer care services of these companies are very much helpful towards their users.

As companies mainly created their customer care services to maintain a good and healthy relationship with their customers.

Sometimes the installation charges are free for the customers. They also send free offers, free gift voucher and gifts in different kind of occasions.

Through these services, they basically keep a good relationship with their regular and potential customers. As water purifier is an electronic device, so it can be damaged after some time and it needs to service.

The company sometimes also provides free servicing after purchase. Commercial water purifiers are revolutionary for the industrial sector. It reduces many problems which happen due to the poor quality of drinking water.