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What to expect after a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are currently the go-to hair loss treatment given their countless perks in comparison to conventional therapies.

Despite the prevalence of the procedure and its unprecedented success in reversing hair loss, many feel reluctant to proceed with the process. The intimidation is more often than not the effect of lack of information on the topic.

So, if you have an impending hair transplant procedure, read along to release your fears.

1- Recovery timeline

It is crucial for you to become familiar with the hair transplant recovery timeline to anticipate the expected growth and evaluate your progression.

Whilst many assume the results of hair transplantation are immediate, the truth is the contrary. Over a period of 12 months, minor changes will accumulate until growth stabilizes. The only immediate difference you will notice is your new hairline.

Once the scars have healed within two weeks, the transplanted hair will begin to shed. Although the shedding is a cause of worry, you should remember it's a necessary phase that allows for new growth.

Following this stage by around three months, you should expect your scalp to be ridden with folliculitis. Remedies such as saline water could eliminate the issue of acne. From thereon, you should expect gradual growth of hair until you finally achieve a head full of lustrous locks.

2- Pain and aftercare

The surgery is performed under the effect of local anesthetics and soon after the surgery, your surgeon will provide you with pain killers to soothe the post-surgery discomfort. In addition, you will be provided with hair products designed for the delicate post-op scalp.

The after instructions will include sleeping at an inclined angle to reduce swelling and avoiding the application of water directly from a hose to your scalp and covering your scalp from direct sunlight and heat.

3- Scarring

Another point that you should pay attention to is the issue of scarring. Hair transplant techniques vary in technique and equipment, which affects the final results.

With FUE hair transplants, the wounds heal into minuscule scars that cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, if you opt for FUT hair transplants, then a visible linear scar will appear at the back of the scalp.

As for the recipient site, both FUE and FUT follow a similar protocol of incision making that results in non-visible scarring.

4- The final result

Once you hit the one-year mark, all significant changes in hair growth will come to an end. Since the transplanted hair is essentially your own hair loss resistant scalp hair, the implanted hair will blend naturally to give you an authentic natural look. In addition, the results are permanent, and the new hair can be treated exactly like your natural hair.

Do you need further assistance?

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