What Skills do HR Employers Want?
September 28, 2020

What Skills do HR Employers Want?

HR is a critical department in any business and working in this field can be hugely rewarding. It is easy to see why so many people eye a career in HR, but it can also be challenging in addition to being highly competitive so it is important to develop a skillset that will enable you to thrive in this setting and stand out to employers. So, what are the key skills that HR employers want to see?

Adaptability, Flexibility & Patience

In order to succeed in HR, you will need to be adaptable and flexible because the work can be incredibly varied and involve working with many different people. This also means that you need to have patience when working with others.

Ambition & Confidence

Ambition and confidence is important in any job, but especially HR when you will be dealing with lots of different people every single day. Those that are ambitious and confident will be able to excel in their role, climb the ladder and instil confidence in others.

Business Acumen & Entrepreneurial Approach

When you work in HR, you always need to be able to see the big picture and understand what would benefit the business. Obviously, you will be working with staff and supporting them but you must also understand that you are there to help the business to thrive at the end of the day.

Discretion & Trustworthiness

As you will be working closely with people and handling sensitive issues, you must also be discreet and trustworthy. This means having good communication skills and the ability to form strong connections with other employees.

Organisational Skills & Ability to Multitask

Working in HR can certainly be stressful and no two days are ever the same. This means that to excel in your role, you both need to be well organised and be able to multitask, including prioritising your workload. Outsourcing tasks such as screening and initial assessments to one of the best pre employment assessment services can significantly reduce the workload and ensure that you are only dealing with the most suitable candidates. This not only streamlines the hiring process but also allows HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the company as a whole.

Ability to Meet Deadlines & Meet Targets

Similarly, you must also be the type of worker that is able to meet tight deadlines and hit your targets. This is vital not only for excelling in your own role but also for supporting employees and, in turn, helping the company to succeed.

Ability to Work as Part of a Team

The best HR workers are the ones that are able to work well as part of a team and integrate quickly. Many people enter this field by taking on interim HR roles which can be a great way to build experience, but you must also be able to hit the ground running and integrate with the team quickly.

These are the key skills that HR employers look for in candidates and anyone looking to excel in HR needs to develop these skills in order to stand out and find experience.