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What’s the Best Way to Store Seasonal Clothing?

It's that time again. The seasons are changing and so is your wardrobe. As you begin to say goodbye to last season's clothes and say hello to this season's garments, you should start preparing your clothes for storing. In just a few steps you can get your clothes packed and ready for safe storage until next year.

Clean and mend your clothes before storing them.

Launder all of your seasonal clothing and be sure to get out any pesky stains before storing them. Body odors and fragrances left on unwashed clothes will set in and become difficult to get rid of after months of storage. Make sure that your clean clothes are completely dry before packing them.

The last thing you want to discover is a container of molded and mildewed clothes because they were damp in a sealed space. Take the time to mend any clothing items that need attention. That way your wardrobe is ready to go for the next season.

Store Seasonal Clothing

Use plastic storage containers.

While you can use cardboard boxes for temporary storage, they can easily fall apart, get damp, and attract bugs and rodents. A better option is to store your clothes in an unused suitcase. Clean out the interior of the suitcase and line it with acid-free tissue before placing your clothes inside.

Storing your seasonal clothes in plastic storage containers with a strong seal is also a great way to keep them clean, dry, and organized. It's important not to overstuff your plastic storage containers as you want to allow for some air circulation and prevent deep-set creases and wrinkles. Place your folded clothes in stacks with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top. 

Store Seasonal Clothing

Be cautious with what you hang and how.

There are some pieces of clothing you might want to hang, but be cautious of what clothing you hang and how. Knit fabrics and sweaters can easily become stretched and misshapen when left hanging long-term.

When you do hang up a piece of clothing, be sure to use all the extra hanging loops to help maintain its shape. Just like folded clothes in a plastic container, hanging clothes need air circulation to help prevent mold or mildew as well and wrinkles and creases.

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Store Seasonal Clothing

Decide where to store your clothes.

You want to store your carefully packed plastic contains somewhere clean, dry, dark, and cool. Ideally, you should store your seasonal clothing in a climate-controlled area of your house.

The basement is okay so long as it's not damp and your storage containers aren't close to the furnace. It's a good idea to store your seasonal clothes in a dark place as exposure to light could fade them. This is particularly important if your plastic containers are clear.

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Follow these easy tips for the best way to store your seasonal clothing.

Store Seasonal Clothing