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What Pillows Do Chiropractors Recommend?

Pillows can make a massive difference to how you sleep at night. A good pillow will ensure you don't wake up with a hurt neck or back in the morning. It will also avoid any kind of sprains or injury during sleep.

It is crucial to speak to a chiropractor, especially if you have underlying neck and back problems, and choose a pillow based on your specific condition and requirement. The right pillow will keep your cervical spine in a neutral position and will avoid any strain when you sleep. 

Most chiropractors will agree that pillows with a uniform height are not good for both back and side sleepers. If individuals sleep in both these positions, they should pick pillows with specific shapes to support their necks.

Most people don't sleep in just one position throughout the night. That is why it is vital to have the right kind of pillow to avoid shoulder, neck, and back problems. Here are different types of pillows that chiropractors recommend for people to use when sleeping.

Memory foam pillow

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are some of the most common types of pillows recommended by Chiropractors. They come in various shapes and sizes. A perfect memory foam pillow should accommodate the neck in the sense of visco-elastic response to body heat and anatomy. It should not be too firm and should be easy on sensitive necks.

As long as the size is right, memory foam pillows adjust themselves to give a good amount of comfort to the person using them. They are generally contoured ergonomically with contour lobes, that align to the neck. The foam technology provides just the correct temperature. While most memory foam pillows are comfortable, different types can be used for different conditions. For instance, a soft pillow can be used for neck conditions like arthritis or for injuries.

Air Inflatable and Water Pillows

Water and air inflatable pillows offer benefits similar to memory foam pillows. A water pillow will cushion an individual's head in the best position as the water flows in it. An air inflatable pillow will also work on similar lines.

It will use the same concept of adjusting to the head, but with compressed air. Another advantage of water and air inflatable pillows is that they can be adjusted for firmness and to the person's height.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are getting popular among people. They are customized to make a number of sleeping positions like stomach sleeping, side sleeping, or back sleeping comfortable. Usually, chiropractors will recommend firm mattresses for stomach sleeping with a soft pillow.

However, they will also recommend pillows that allow a staggered position with the neck at 40 - 60 degrees since stomach sleeping can cause harm to the neck muscles and joints. Chiropractors will also recommend body pillows to help individuals shift from stomach sleeping to side sleeping.

Traveling and Resting Pillows

There are specific pillows that people should use if they have specific neck or back conditions. For instance, individuals can research best pillows after cervical fusion or best pillows for neck pains, or for side sleepers, etc., while purchasing pillows. These specific pillows will provide a comfortable night's sleep and ensure you don't suffer from long-term damage.

Some pillows are specially made to support the neck and head while traveling. These pillows will help individuals avoid awkward positions for long periods, buffer the road vibration, and keep the neck in a neutral position to relieve pain and stress. Resting and traveling pillows come in varying designs. Individuals can pick what suits them best.

Not only are these pillows good for traveling, but they can also be used for reclining and resting at home. Most recliners that are available in the market today are not designed to give strong support to the neck. But many people may need to spend long hours on recliners, causing discomfort to the neck.

Individuals who need to spend long hours on recliners can use a soft support pillow that will not push the head forward. Many large pillows also have smaller versions that can be used as travel pillows. These can be used by people who may be used to certain types of pillows regularly. The travel version of regular pillows will use a unique design to maintain the benefits in a much smaller and lighter way.