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What Makes You Attractive According to Science

We know that we can all be subjective when it comes to how attractive we consider someone to be, but there are some things that scientists, after intense research, have found to be the most attractive things in men.

A person might find someone attractive for owning an electric viola from Yamaha, but there are some traits that every woman finds attractive.

Can face shape influence attractiveness?

The first and most important thing you should know is that physical attractiveness is not as important to women as it is to men.

However, as the human race evolved, the same way that men instinctively choose their partner to be healthy for carrying babies, the same instinct makes women more attracted to men that they feel are good enough to protect them.

These qualities in men are given by the male hormone, testosterone. Men with broad foreheads are considered to be more attractive than the others, and a large jaw and a strong chin in men also let women know that testosterone was present in their developmental process. Prominent cheekbones have the same effect.

How much muscle do women want men to have?

There have been many discussions among men and women on a topic that men are very interested in: how muscular should a man be to be considered attractive to women.

Most men consider that the more muscle you have, the better, but, in reality, women like muscular men, but just enough for them to look athletic.

Women don’t like men with very large muscles, but they do not like men who have no muscles either. That’s why, even if it may come as a surprise, men who appear in women’s magazines have lower muscle mass than those who appear in male magazines.

Can genetic match play a role when it comes to attractiveness?

People are usually attracted to familiar things. One reason is that they feel safe and inside their comfort zones.

Even if you haven’t thought about this before, the same way nonverbal communication can influence our perception of someone, like when we feel more comfortable when someone is mimicking our gestures, the same way genetics can influence our decision when finding a partner.

Researchers concluded that people who are genetically alike tend to be more attracted to one another. Sometimes, the body can sense even if someone has a similar immune system to ours.

So it shouldn’t shock you if people sometimes tell you that you and your spouse look alike. It might be genetics that made you attracted to one another.

What physical symmetry says about you

Men’s and women’s brains, when we are talking about finding a partner, are genetically structured to look for things that may seem not important for the conscious mind.

The first thing your instinctual mind is looking for in a partner is a healthy body and mind. That is why symmetry is such an important factor in determining what women find attractive.

Symmetry signals to women’s brains than men haven’t been exposed to many diseases or genetic changes over time. This means that they can produce healthy babies and that they are, as men, strong enough to protect them as well as their future families.


When we talk about what women find attractive in men, there are some things that are generally similar to most women, but it doesn’t mean that you have to have a perfect face for women to like you, for example. Some factors may be more important than others, depending on every individual, so don’t be discouraged if you have an asymmetric nose.

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