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What Makes Everyone Fall For The Crushed Velvet Curtains?

Crushed velvet curtains have been in use since the last century and are trending since then. Although the velvet is an expensive fabric, the high cost never became a hinder in its popularity.

Crushed velvet is one of the types of velvet material. The crushed velvet is not only used for making the curtains but also to design the furniture, decorate the walls, and make beddings. Crushed velvet curtains create an extravagant look and fall everyone for their beauty. But what is it that makes everyone fall in love with them?

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How is crushed velvet produced?

Crushed velvet is one of the most popular types of velvet. A simple velvet fabric can be turned into the crushed velvet in industries as well as at home. At industries, it is made by pressing the velvet material into various dimensions with the help of a heavy machine & as for home, you can twist the wet velvet fabric material mechanically and let it sit for few days.

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What makes crushed velvet curtains so popular?

Crushed velvet curtains have been in use for a long time and are the best go-to choice. They lift the look of your place and transform it into a high-style place. They are opulent and glorious. They do not give a tough time for styling and maintenance.

Crushed velvet curtains are versatile

Crushed velvet curtains are versatile and luxurious. They create a perfect fit, no matter where you hang them. They make your place look beautiful and warm at the same time. Crushed velvet curtains have a tendency to block the heat or draughts and maintain the temperature of your place. They also help you in making your place quiet and reduce the noise level. In addition to that, crushed velvet curtains never go out of trend, and their shimmery appearance help to create a glamour look.

Crushed velvet curtains add a classic touch

Crushed velvet curtains have been in use since the last century, but no one knows when it was actually introduced? Well, it’s not the point of discussion here. Crushed velvet curtains add a touch of classic and retro look to your place. They add a touch of elegance and charm as well as make it appear royal.

The fine & heavy yarn adds more to the beauty of the curtains. The yarn can be made from cotton, wool, silk, linen, or synthetic fabric materials. Their soft and smooth texture makes them loveable as well.

Light up the interior

The light hues of crushed velvet curtains help to light up the interior of your place. They appear shimmery and glassy when Light falls on them, which is then reflected back and light up the place. The richer and vivid colors also appear shimmery equally to the lighter shades.

It is also thought that it helps to add a more masculine feel to the place because they fill the place with warmth and Light.

Create mystery

If you are mysterious and love the mysterious things, crushed velvet curtains are the best thing. The dark and bold shades add a touch of mystery to the place and make it feel warmer. Such curtains are suitable for the dining areas and solitude areas.

Easy to clean

Crushed velvet curtains are easy to maintain and care for. You can easily clean them with a vacuum cleaner in a direction opposite to the pile. These curtains are stain-resistant, but if there happens to be any stain, you can easily clean it with the help of a damp cloth & mild detergent. Moreover, you do not have to worry about ironing the curtains as they are already crushed and you do not have to think about the wrinkles.

Effortless styling

Crushed velvet curtains are enough for changing the look of your place and make it look completely different. They look beautiful when hung appropriately. You do not have to add the hangings or other accessories to complete the look. Moreover, they go well with all kinds of environments and complement whatever the interior of that place is. You may also like to buy high quality crushed velvet curtains at affordable prices.