What Is The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind When You Are Trying To Get Sober?
November 17, 2020

What Is The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind When You Are Trying To Get Sober?

For anyone who’s on their journey to recovery from the overuse of any substance, you will need to work hard to get sober. What matters the most is avoiding the occurrence of a relapse which will put you in a worse state. 

Many people new to recovery often suffer from relapses but it’s possible to get sober, especially with determination and the right people to hold your hand.

Getting to a sober state isn't a straightforward process. You need to learn to identify triggers, and how to cope with stress and manage a sober life without a relapse. Below are more on the most important things to keep in mind when you are trying to get sober.

Determine the triggers

If your end goal is to prevent a relapse, then you need to know and understand your external triggers very well. These can either be your surrounding environment, job or financial constraints, the people you interact with, things, situations, cravings and internal triggers like emotions, feelings or thoughts associated with substance abuse. Once you’ve identified which triggers pose the biggest risks, you can either find a way to either handle them or avoid them.

Join a support network

Find and associate with people that will help you stay sober. This might be a counselor, a program or people with similar experiences who have been able to handle the situation. Click here and get in touch with a professional to help you get and stay sober.

Embrace and learn from your mistakes

Most people on their road to recovery from drug or alcohol abuse are very ashamed of their addiction. You will always experience pain and suffering in your journey to recovery and soberness.

The pain might trigger feelings of guilt or shame due to your past behaviors or actions but understand that this is natural and healthy. You need to accept the mistakes that you made in the past and find your way out. The moment you embrace your past mistakes and regain your self-worth you will be able to make it easier to stay sober without any guilt. 

Change your routine

No matter how strong you are the truth is that quitting a drug you are addicted to isn’t easy. If you are trying to get sober you’ll need to change your routine and stop hanging around some people and places.

It’s easier to go back to your old habits when you are in the same environment that motivates you to get into drugs. For example, hanging around your drug dealer and drinking buddies will not allow you to get sober for very long. Sometimes even changing your route can help you avoid any triggers that might make you want to go back to your old habits. 

Develop and follow a doable schedule

If you have a disorganized lifestyle this can limit your recovery. Develop a daily and weekly schedule that you can comfortably work with.  While staying sober is a high priority when it comes to attaining your freedom, start with short-term and with time, you can set-up weekly targets aimed towards achieving your long-term goals. Long-term goals might include something like changing careers.

By becoming sober, you may have to lose people from past relationships such as your drinking buddies or drug dealers to avoid relapses. But always keep going knowing that you are the one in control of your own success in recovery.

Thing To Keep In Mind When You Are Trying To Get Sober